Why do the British buy property in Hurghada?

Distance is a factor.

From the mid-2000s onwards, the British began to look for vacations in other places, which could offer them a better value for money with guaranteed sun, but it is not considered a long journey.

Hurghada is known as a half-way within the airline industry, since it is only a six-hour flight from the United Kingdom and most of southern Europe.

Shorter flight time compared to some long-distance destinations is an important factor as to why many Europeans choose to come here, with an airport very close to all the main districts of Hurghada, which means a short transfer time between the Airport and hotels and residences. Another great reason to consider buying a property in Hurghada.


The weather is another reason why people choose to buy properties in Hurghada with a sunny climate and temperatures throughout the year, even in winter that rarely fall below 15 ° C (at night), it seems a natural option for tourists and long-term residents.

Even in the hottest month of July, when temperatures can reach 45-50 degrees, the breeze of the beautiful Red Sea is a welcome factor.

What to do

The choice of activities is abundant in Hurghada, as it is prepared for tourists of all tastes. Together with tourists, it attracts long-term visitors, which helps the real estate market to sell more properties in Hurghada.

Whether you are more interested in the sun, the sea and relaxation and want to spend time on one of the many beaches of clean white sand, or adventures such as snorkeling or diving in the wonderful coral reefs of the Red Sea, adventures in the Desert like camel safaris, quads and sand surfing.

The options are endless. More reasons to be here and consider buying that fabulous property in Hurghada.

Along with this there are several main areas, such as the Sheraton Road district of Sakala and the charming Mamsha waterfront, where there are shops, restaurants, cafes, nightlife and much more.

There is also a port and central marina where many tourists and locals spend their time walking, relaxing and gathering during dinner or coffee at the many outlets that offer a wide range of kitchens at very affordable prices. Therefore, wherever you choose to buy your property in Hurghada, you will be very close to the main attractions.

Post Revolution

Since the fall of President Hosni Mubarak in 2011, and the continuing unstable situation that resulted in the expulsion of President Mohamed Morsi, it is fair to say that many foreigners were reluctant to travel to Hurghada and several European countries canceled flights.

However, the riots have not affected the Red Sea resorts and flights to and from Europe have resumed normally. British and Europeans are still buying properties in Hurghada.

The current situation (March 2014) in Egypt is much more settled with new pending elections and Egyptians very focused on improving their country and its economy. The Government continuously seeks to improve the purchase of foreign investment in the purchase of properties in Hurghada.

Real estate

Since the collapse of the Spanish real estate market in the 1990s, many Britons have been looking elsewhere to invest their money abroad.

The Spanish situation was problematic because the owners and unscrupulous councils were not sincere and honest about land rights and purchase laws and regulations. Therefore, many Britons lost property and money invested due to reclaimed land.

In other parts of Europe, other countries also increased property purchase prices due to the introduction of the Euro currency, while in comparison, property prices in Hurghada are extremely competitive.

In Hurghada (and throughout Egypt), the currency is still yours, known as the Egyptian Pound. It is a fact that countries that still operate within their own currencies have a better value for money, both in holiday expenses and in the purchase of properties.

How easy is buying a property in Hurghada?

The good news is that the procedures here related to the purchase of properties in Hurghada are very simple. The Government is encouraging many foreigners to invest here, therefore it is convenient for them to make it simple, fast and honest.

It is essential to appoint a good Egyptian lawyer to handle all the details of the Egyptian side, since a British (European) lawyer cannot do all the paperwork from abroad.

Land rights here are much more defined and secure, and total property rights are granted to the buyer through full payment of the property in Hurghada.

Buyers are often required to pay a deposit on a purchase, which when considering the very reasonable prices of the properties in Hurghada, is minimal.

Your broker or owner will give you all the paper information about the payment plan. Cash payments are the norm here, however, this is for your benefit, since it generally means a price discount.

All of this is good news when you consider all major property purchases in Hurghada.

What types of properties in Hurghada are available?

Depending on the requirements of the buyer, there is usually something for everyone when buying a property in Hurghada.

Britons tend to have different tastes and needs when buying property in Hurghada, which may depend on several factors:

• Years
• couples or families
• Budget
• Location
• Type of residence
• Time of the year
• Purpose of the purchase.

In terms of age, there are many retirees who choose to buy property in Hurghada, using their retirement funds and tend to live here in the long term.

Often, couples buy properties in Hurghada with the idea of ​​having them as a holiday home where they can come and go throughout the year and often invite family and friends to use them when they are not there.

Another major attraction for buyers when they buy a property in Hurghada, is the & # 39; buy to rent & # 39; # 39; system where they can retain a good income by renting their properties.

Budget is another important factor when buying property in Hurghada.

However, at a good value for the property prices, even with a smaller budget, it is affordable. It is possible to buy a 2 bedroom property here in Hurghada, for a third of what you would pay in the UK!

The location is another decisive factor when buying a property in Hurghada, according to the requirements of the buyer. For example, a retired couple may wish to shop in a quieter district and still have easy access to all services and attractions.

A younger couple or family can choose to live in a more lively district with all the attractions and services within walking distance.

As Hurghada is a year-round destination, people often buy properties in Hurghada to stay here for the long term, while others choose to stay during the summer and maybe rent their properties during the winter season, which still has potential and Another logical reason to buy property in Hurghada.

Many Britons come here for a stay of several months before returning home.

The best option is to consider buying a property in Hurghada, since in the long term it is more practical than renting and not getting any money back.

British people generally like to be close to other Britons when they are abroad.

Therefore, it is good to know that Hurghada has a large community of former patriots who have bought properties in Hurghada and have created their own community that includes meetings, magazines, British cuisine, etc.

When choosing properties in Hurghada as a purchase, there are many options.

The following is a brief summary of what is available through Real Estate here in Hurghada:

• Studio apartments: generally furnished but available without furniture. These can be in an apartment block or in private complexes and compounds. Some are unfinished and in residence outside the plan.

• Apartments with 1-4 rooms. The same options as studio apartments with British compounds also available.

• Villas: it can be a complete villa option, half villa consisting of 1 floor, either on the ground floor or first floor, or even apartments available in villas, furnished or unfurnished. Also have shared or own pool facilities.

• Beach or city residences, apartments and villas.

Move around Hurghada

While there are many districts in Hurghada, the proximity between the areas and attractions is small, so most areas are accessible on foot or in short distances by car.

This is another additional advantage when buying a property in Hurghada.

As there is a large foreign contingency living in Hurghada, there are many brands that serve Europeans and British alike. Therefore, local supermarkets often have products for all tastes.

The Senzo Mall has a large supermarket that can be reached by bus and has many facilities there for retail stores and food stores as well.

The main areas of Hurghada populated with British residents are El Kawther, Mamsha, Intercontinental, Mubarak 6 and Mubarak7.

These districts are home to several British resorts and complexes, along with private villas.

English is the second language here in Egypt and since Hurghada is a tourist center, it is normal when speaking with local Egyptians, so it is another reason why British visitors return and buy property in Hurghada.

Disney the adult way

If you don't think of Disneyland in California as a meeting place for adults, you haven't been there lately. His new name is Disneyland Resort. The name changed after the opening of Downtown Disney and Disney & # 39; s California Adventure, locally known as DCA. Downtown Disney is a shopping and restaurant center that features restaurants like ESPN Zone, House of Blues and Brennans & # 39; Jazz cuisine Brennan has authentic New Orleans Beignets. If you can't reach Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans, this is a very good place to wake up in Southern California.

Early morning in downtown Disney can be very quiet. If you fly from the east coast as we did on this trip, getting up at 5 in the morning looking for breakfast was a fruitless effort. A couple of places open around 6 in the morning, but coffee, tea, and buns run until 7. That was a bit odd, but we also noticed that we were the only two people without a pressure washer or a clipboard.

Once we spend the morning delay, we end up having breakfast in the small cafe behind the pool of the Grand Californian Hotel. The $ 8 breakfast sandwich was a bit expensive, and we split it since it was HUGE. This breakfast sandwich had a freshly cooked egg, very good bacon and fresh bread. There is no microwave here. We sat on the picnic-style benches and enjoyed the company of a calico cat very patient and calm. The hostess told us that the cat was there as a mouse hunter.

On the way to DCA, I turned aside at Latitude 33 and bought island-style resort clothes and a couple of signs for my pool. My wife was trapped in another store buying Christmas treats. After a quick trip back to the room, we begin our way. Now I have to admit that for two adults who grew up in Southern California, we probably visit Disneyland and Disneyworld in Florida more than anyone we know.

In DCA we reached our favorites immediately, Soaring Over California, Maliboomer and Monsters Inc. The lines were quite long, so we ended up walking through the park and sunbathing. At noon we had hit our backs and stopped at the San Francisco Bread Company to try some sourdough bread from the oven. Then he went to the tortilla factory to get a quick sample of tortillas.

So here we are at noon, lazy and thirsty in the great Monterey Cannery Row-style courtyard. My wife came over and grabbed a daisy while I walked to the beer truck. Now this is the life of Disney. Standing in the beer truck, it was after 3 o'clock on my biological clock, but clearly the rest of the guests didn't feel the same since there was no line. Realizing that I was looking at a selection of craft beers, I wasn't sure what to buy. Not being a true beer fan, I usually keep Bud Light and call him one day. The guy behind the counter suggested that I try the Oktoberfest, so I did it.

Karl Strauss is a micro brew from San Diego, California. For the most part, I find that micro beers are tasteless three-day beers. Oktoberfest changed my idea quickly. A deep colored beer very balanced on the wall with just a touch of spicy autumn, this was a very good beer. I felt a little guilty drinking such a nice beer from a plastic cup in the DCA, but hey, there is no glass that allows park security, you know? A plate of chili mother dough was added and I had a great lunch in the California sun.

The next time you're in SoCal, come in, or if you're in San Diego, find Karl Strauss and tell them what you think of his other beers.

Myths about the Taj Mahal

From the moment of the construction of the building, it has been the source of an appreciation that transcends traditions and geography, so private and emotional responses have been constantly damaging the educational review of the monument.

Very ancient myths argue that Shah Jahan was planning to build a monument in black marble that crosses the Yamuna River. The thought originates from imaginary writings by Jean-Baptiste Tavernier, a European tourist who arrived in Agra in 1665. It was said that Shah Jahan was removed from power by his son Aurangzeb before the construction was finished. The blackened marble remains that cross the rivers in Moonlight Garden, Mahtab Bagh, seem to support this myth. However, excavations carried out in the 1990s realize that they were dyed white stones that looked black. A more compelling hypothesis for the origins of the black tomb was confirmed in 2006 by archaeologists who renovated part of the pool in the Garden of the Moonlight. Evidently, a faint reflection of the white mausoleum could be seen, demonstrating Shah Jahan's fascination with the balance and location of the pool.

There are many details that describe the deaths, dismemberments and mutilations that Shah Jahan allegedly imposed on several architects and artisans related to the grave. Some stories affirm that those engaged in construction signed statements committing not to participate in any similar design. Related claims are made for many renowned buildings. There is no evidence to state that Lord William Bentinck, governor general of India in the 1830s, apparently planned to tear down the Taj Mahal and sell the marble. Bentinck's writer, John Rosselli, stated that the story came from Bentinck's idea of ​​raising money through the discarded marble auction of the Agra Fort.

In 2000, the Supreme Court of India dismissed the appeal of PN Oak to announce that a Hindu king built the Taj Mahal. Oak maintained that beginning of the Taj, in addition to other historical constructions in the nation currently accredited to the Muslim profession prior to the date of the Muslim Sultan of India and, therefore, have a Hindu origin. A funny story tells that once a year, at the time of the monsoons, a single drop of water falls on the monument, excited and stimulated by the explanation of the tomb of Rabindranath Tagore. One more fable suggests that hitting the end contour will cause water to flow forward. Until today, officials find traces of broken bracelets near the silhouette.

State of the plateau in summary

The state of the plateau in Nigeria (West Africa) derives its name from the geographical description of the landscape that predominates in this part of Nigeria, which is often known as the Jos plateau. The Jos Plateau is the highest of the two plateaus found in Nigeria; the other is the Mambilla plateau. While a large part of the PLATFORM is formed by slightly undulating highlands with an average height of 3,500 meters above sea level, there are areas such as Share hills with peaks over 5,000 meters above sea level.

Jos, the capital of Plateau State is approximately at latitude 9.6 degrees north and latitude 8.5 degrees east. The city is located near the geographic center of Nigeria. Because of its variety and scenic beauty, Jos is not similar.

Plateau State is a miniature Nigeria. In addition to housing an area of ​​fascinating contrast of scenic beauty that encompasses a somewhat cold temperate climate, it has a rich mix of different but mostly Christian friendly people. This is one of the few states in the country where there is no particular ethnic group that enjoys a monopoly of any kind. Instead, here is a multiplicity of small ethnic groups that see and appreciate the need for mutual cooperation for the survival and progress of the entire state.

In general terms, the state's climate is milder than the rest of the country. It is stimulating and the closest equivalent to a mild climate in this tropical zone. It is for this reason that we have Jos and its surroundings, the largest concentration of expatriates residing in former British West Africa. In fact, in colonial days, Jos was considered as an asylum where colonial officials came to pass their local license and enjoy the healthy environment.

Temperatures on the plateau are several degrees lower than those in the rest of the county. The average temperature recorded is 81.7F (27.6C) Maximum and 51.7F (10.9C) Minimum. There are no extreme dual temperatures or too much difference between the rainy and the dry season.

In the rainy season, there are intermittent rains and sometimes drizzles. An interesting aspect of Jos's climate is that it may be raining in one part of the city and other parts may remain dry and sunny. In addition, drainage is generally very good.

For its climate and fascinating topography. Jos has become a magnetic tourist center especially for European tourists.

Markets and places of interest in Jos-Plateau; Building materials and vegetables market, Faringada tomato market, Langtang street, Mangu market, Rukuba Road market, Jengre market, etc. The Jos-Plateau in Nigeria is also the place to find the following in abundance and at good wholesale and retail prices. Products like; vegetables (including Irish potatoes, cucumber, cabbage, tomatoes, green pepper, green peas, water melon, water, onion, carrots), fruits (including; oranges, bananas, mangoes, pineapples, strawberries, grapes) (including cows, calves ), Goat, sheep, goat, chicken eggs, broiler chicken) and precious stones (including topaz, ruby, blue tourmaline, pink tourmaline, aquamarine, quartz, sapphire) and many more.

In addition, you can also access free valuable information about, hotels, banks, traditional local festivals, local transportation, zoo, wildlife package and game reservations,

We monitor the local prices of the products listed above and others, such as transport services (interurban transport and interurban transport).

Get the latest update on local prices for these products and services as you access them in local markets in and around Jos-Plateau. Visit our products page to subscribe.

Bangkok Recreational Tour: an exciting experience to appreciate for a long time

Bangkok is the capital and the largest city in Thailand. Located in the heart of the country, this lively city is a starting point for most visitors to Thailand. High-rise building, heavy traffic, bustling markets and naughty nightlife, the city looks vibrant and exotic at first sight. But the rich cultural and natural heritage, the magnificent temples and palaces, and a variety of recreational activities make Bangkok a complete holiday destination that can delight everyone, from grandfather to grandson. When it comes to a recreational tour to Bangkok, one can find a handful of things to do and see, which provide a unique feeling full of excitement and joy. These are some of the favorite tourist attractions that a recreational tour of Bangkok has to offer.

Bangkok Dream World
The exciting atmosphere in this giant amusement park will surely leave you and your children delighted. Exciting shows, exciting attractions and fascinating landscapes in Bangkok Dream World provide visitors with an unforgettable vacation experience. This wonderful theme park is undeniable among the main tourist attractions for families in Bangkok.

Chatuchang Market
Is bargain hunting what gives you epinephrine? Do not miss visiting the Chatuchang market. More than 35 acres of land, around 15,000 stalls and thousands of visitors, this wide market is more than anyone's expectations. Mother of all Thai markets, Chatuchang Market is perhaps one of the largest markets in the world. This mass market has almost everything a buyer can imagine. And the biggest reward is that high quality products are available at a reasonable price. However, you must be an expert negotiator.

Sampron Elephant Ground & Zoo
Located 30 km west of Bangkok, Sampron Elephant Ground is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Bangkok. You could watch some hypnotic animal shows, including the Elephant Theme Show and the Crocodile Wrestling Show in a huge animal reserve. It would really be great to see giant elephants dancing, running, playing football and carefully obeying their teacher. The crocodile fight is also quite exciting to watch. In addition, you can enjoy elephant rides and stunning views of tropical gardens and waterfalls.

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum Bangkok
Brush your shoulders or let your favorite celebrity lick you, or kiss your favorite Hollywood star in the air, Madame Tussauds Museum is really a wonderful tourist spot in Bangkok. Located in the heart of the Siam shopping district, the museum contains more than 70 world-class wax figures of world celebrities. Really, your experience in this museum will be unforgettable.

On top of that, you can visit Bangkok Safari World, Siam Dream World and Muay Thai to add more delicacies to your recreational tour to Bangkok. In addition, a Bangkok package allows travelers to have a great shopping experience and a remarkable nightlife. However, do not get into Bangkok's nightlife with family, especially children and the elderly. Hotels in Bangkok offer world class stays amid modern amenities and attractive hospitality. By searching the web, you can find some renowned travel portals that offer a wide range of tour packages in Thailand. You can choose your most suitable tourist package for Thailand taking into account your needs and budget.

Big City sounds with a Caribbean touch at the Aruba Music Festival

As an island known for its vibrant tropical energy and its various entertainment options, Aruba is one of the best destinations in the Caribbean to experience live music. The capital city of Oranjestad is known as a hotbed of Caribbean jazz and Latin music, as many clubs and concert halls organize live bands throughout the year. Even outside the main tourist areas of Oranjestad, live music can be heard in restaurants and on the beaches. The island also hosts major music festivals, the Aruba Soul Beach Music Festival, an annual event held every May that exhibits internationally renowned soul and R&B artists, and the Aruba Music Festival, a two-day festival that gives Welcome to the best-selling classic rock groups, emerging superstars and lesser-known regional artists. While events like the Aruba Music Festival are organized around the world, few festivals can boast the unique combination of the entertainment event in the big city and the cozy Caribbean atmosphere.

Although only in its eighth official season, the Aruba Music Festival has already attracted an incredible variety of top-selling artists. Before becoming the Aruba Music Festival, the event was known as the Aruba Latin and Jazz Festival. Developed in the 1980s to exhibit the rich musical tradition of the Caribbean region, the Aruba Jazz and Latin Festival was expanded and renamed in 2002. Although the Aruba Music Festival was created as a way to present the Best acts of international tours, the festival has remained true to its roots and continues to offer performances by jazz and Latin artists from across the Caribbean region.

While the lineup for this year's festival has not yet been announced, the event will surely feature famous classic rock acts, as well as many local, regional and promising international artists. In recent years, the main acts at the Aruba Music Festival have included classic rock bands known as Chicago, The Doobie Brothers, Styx, REO Speedwagon, Queen and Crosby Stills and Nash. The festival has also attracted several internationally recognized singer-songwriters such as Lionel Richie, Jackson Browne and contemporary favorite, John Mayer. Before the leading artists take the stage every day at the Aruba Music Festival, the side stage is heated with a wide range of musical styles, most provided by groups specialized in dance-friendly Caribbean genres.

The Aruba Music Festival takes place every year in the modern Aruba Entertainment Center. The spacious outdoor venue allows concert goers to enjoy the cool afternoon weather in a picturesque setting just five minutes drive from downtown Oranjestad and fifteen minutes drive from the island's hotel zone. The Aruba Entertainment Center offers superior acoustics and an open but intimate design that ensures all concert goers have excellent views of the main stage. The place has a large general entrance and open lawn areas that allow concert goers to lie on blankets and enjoy a relaxing, picnic-like experience, while those who prefer reserved seats will find excellent views near the stage. Behind the rest areas, a number of food stands serve drinks and food, including local beers and snacks.

As the Aruba Music Festival is organized just before the start of the peak tourist season, budget conscious travelers visiting the island before winter break have an excellent opportunity to experience the island's vibrant music scene . Tourists visiting Aruba during the fall season will also be sure of excellent weather, as the island is outside the belt of storms that affects many Caribbean islands.

The Aruba Music Festival will take place this year on the weekend of October 9-10. After this year the calendar of main events is developed, updates about the festival can be found on the official tourism website of Aruba (www.aruba.com). As the schedule will appear prominently in local travel publications, travelers can also contact their resort for more details about the festival.

New Brunswick – The 10 best beaches in New Brunswick

Although holiday brochures generally show white-sand beaches in a tropical paradise, some of the best beaches in the world are found in the cooler weather of beautiful New Brunswick. This Canadian Atlantic province has sandy beaches, but New Brunswick can offer much more on a unique beach vacation for a day trip or an extended stay. Whether people prefer a sandy stretch, a rugged coastline or a quiet and deserted beach, everyone can find their favorite among the top ten beaches in New Brunswick.

The 10 best beaches in NB

1. Shepody Bay

Shepody Bay Beach is a world class beach. Since visitors to this destination can walk at the bottom of the ocean at low tide, Shepody Bay Beach in Fundy Bay deserves that rating. As part of the Rocks Provincial Park, this area is home to the Hopewell Rocks (sometimes called & # 39; rock pots & # 39;).

Hopewell formations were created through the erosion of the sandstone from the coast by the world's largest tides. The wear of the coast left behind Hopewell's rocks, which are huge stone pillars, with trees and dirt on top, that rise above the low tide mark. Stand up and admire the formations at low tide, but don't stay at high tide. With the largest tides in the world, 100 billion tons of water rise and fall twice a day.

2. Demoiselle

For a quiet and romantic sandy beach, visit the Demoiselle beach. Located at the southern end of the Rocks Provincial Park, Demoiselle Beach received its name in the 1700s due to the feminine forms of rock formations on the adjacent cliffs. With an impressive salt marsh on the other side, Demoiselle Beach is an excellent viewpoint for shorebirds and waterfowl, as well as other wild animals.

3. Marsh Island Barn

Barn Marsh Island Beach travels six kilometers in length from Barn Marsh Island. The beach can be accessed from the Cape Enrage lighthouse. Although this place is beautiful, it is not for the faint of heart. There is a constant danger of falling rocks from the 40-meter cliffs that extend along most of the beach.

4. Samurai

Samurai Beach is the only stretch of land that connects the continent with Barn Marsh Island. Samurai Beach is completely covered during the first two hours of the flood tide (incoming) and the ebb tide (outgoing). Without known undercurrents, it is possible to swim in Samurai Beach, but it is always at your own risk.

5. La Dune de Bouctouche

La Dune de Bouctouche is a seven-mile sand dune that houses varied species of birds and animals. Guided tours allow anyone to explore the dunes, but La Dune de Bouctouche is a protected area. An ecocenter has been created to study, protect and restore this sandy area. The dune is protected by marram grass that helps prevent erosion.

6. Kouchibouguac National Park

Located in eastern New Brunswick, on the banks of the Northumberland Strait, La Dune de Bouctouche is located southeast of the Kouchibouguac National Park. This park houses beaches and sand dunes. Boardwalks create protection for sand dunes. Native birds such as terns, as well as plovers, an endangered species, nest on its beaches.

7. Aboiteau

In Cap-Pele, tourists will find Aboiteau Beach, a first-class beach in southeastern New Brunswick. Located at a perfect angle for sunbathing or swimming, the Aboiteau beach, with its white sand, stretches for almost 2.5 kilometers. On a clear day, the tower on Aboiteau beach offers an incredible view of Prince Edward Island.

8. Melvin

Melvin Beach is one of the magnificent beaches that can be accessed from Fundy Trail Parkway. Since part of the walk includes rocky roads, sturdy footwear is a must. Given the view of the clay-covered cliffs between Melvin Beach and Pangburn Beach, this challenging walk is worth it.

9. Parlee

Located in Shediac, in the Northumberland Strait, Parlee Beach is one of the most popular beaches in NB. Parlee Beach is known as one of the warmest salt water beaches in northern Virginia. During the summer months, approximately 1,000,000 people visit Parlee Beach.

10. Katy Creek

Katy & # 39; s Cove is an attraction of St. Andrews. Like many NB beaches, this stretch of sand is only minutes away from modern facilities. With its warm waters and white sand, this amazing beach is perfect for summer fun. Tourists can find comfortable and affordable cabins and hotels in New Brunswick near any of the province's beaches.

Whether one prefers fresh or salt water beaches for a vacation spot, numerous NB beaches get a maximum rating. While some will plan their tropical vacation to rest on ordinary beaches, many others will look for unique places. Rest in the sun cannot be compared to walking at the bottom of the ocean on a beach in New Brunswick.

Suzhou Travel Guide – Introduction of Suzhou

Suzhou, the cradle of the Wu culture, is a city with a history of more than 2,500 years, dating back to the later Shang dynasty. Suzhou is located in the south of Jiangsu Province, about 50 miles west of Shanghai, along the old Grand Canal. When talking about Suzhou, the old saying mentions it as a "Paradise on Earth" or "Oriental Venice of the world", in reference to its natural beauty, classical gardens, bridges and waters, traditional operas and soft dialect tone.

Located downstream of the Yangtze River drainage basin and the economic zone of the Yangtze River Delta, Suzhou has been a national tourist center and has attracted visitors from all over the world. The city is known for its classic gardens, in which two of them have been classified as the great world heritage sites. Among the gardens are the Garden of the Humble Administrator (Zhuo Zheng Yuan), the Blue Waves Pavilion (Cang Lang Ting), the Garden to stop (Liu Yuan) and the Lion Grove (Shi Zi Lin), which are The Four Suzhou's most famous gardens. The Blue Wave pavilion is the oldest that exists. The Lion Grove was built in the Yuan dynasty. The garden to persist dates from the Ming dynasty. These gardens reach their great reputation not only for their large number, but also for their charming natural beauty and harmonious construction. These gardens will surely make your tours in Suzhou an unforgettable experience.

In addition, Suzhou has also stood out for its beautiful women. The city is dotted with lakes and ponds connected by a network of spider channels. And all the channels are lined with whitewashed houses with gray tile roofs. The natural views and the human landscape enhance each other, which is a great attraction for visitors who remain there.

There are many other highlights of Suzhou travel, such as Kunqu Opera, Suzhou embroidery.

In the fourteenth century, Suzhou had established itself as the nation's leading silk producer. The best known products are silk embroideries of the Suzhou (Suxiu) style and the silk fabrics Song (Songjin). The people of Suzhou also developed their own style of exquisite embroidery, which is praised as a "pearl of oriental art" for its beautiful designs, varied stitches, superb workmanship and elegant colors.

Suzhou has many local performances and operas, including Kun opera, Su opera and Wuge opera. Kun Opera is seen as one of the most splendid cultural creations of the Chinese people.

With its roots in the popular songs of the mid-fourteenth century, Kun Opera was refined over a period of almost 200 years to stand out prominently among all opera schools in China. In 2001, UNESCO included Kun as a "Masterpiece of oral and intangible cultural heritage." Kun Opera is an integral work of art that includes literature, music, dance, acting, costumes, makeup, accessories and decorations: that is, everything theatrical. Its cultural heritage value materializes in this broad scope, including its unique singing style. The theme of operas comes from a wide pool of resources, integrating all the refined acting techniques and melodies of songs and operas from the north and south of many dynasties.

As one of the most famous tourist cities in China, Suzhou has made a great improvement in its basic facilities and tourist functions. Suzhou can be accessed by plane, train and bus. The hotels with stars with good services and reasonable guest houses and hostels offer a variety of accommodations. Of course, tasting local delicacies should not be forgotten on your trip. You can find authentic Suzhou kitchens and snacks on Guan Qian Street, where delicious food and friendly service are memorable. When night falls, the city of Suzhou is calm and peaceful. You can enjoy it while having a cup of tea in any tea house.

Grand Canyon Touring – The Railway, Route 66, Outlaws & Cheese

A trip to the Grand Canyon is a must for everyone. The absolute magnificence of the canyon throat is not duplicated anywhere else in the world. There are many ways to visit: day trips from Las Vegas or Flagstaff, helicopter or car tours. But the best way is to make reservations aboard the Grand Canyon railway. It is an experience of the Old West and a wonderfully historical way to reach the Canyon. GCR offers numerous packages. One is sure to meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

The Old West City of Williams is located off I-40, two blocks north of historic Route 66. It is 60 miles south of the Grand Canyon. Williams is the head of the railroad for the Grand Canyon railroad. For added convenience, register at the Grand Canyon Railway Hotel. The rooms are comfortable and the public areas are authentic. Railway packages include dinner at Max & Thelma & # 39; s (check out the railroad that runs around the dining room over the doors). Return to the hotel to enjoy a drink in the & # 39; lounge & # 39 ;, also known as Spenser & # 39; s Lounge, with its hand-carved oak bar from the 19th century.

The next morning, after breakfast (also included), stroll through the & # 39; town square & # 39 ;. next to the depot for a wonderful & # 39; staging & # 39; before the train leaves. & # 39; Shots & # 39; are fired Some of the & # 39; bad guys & # 39; fall to the ground, avoiding the horse do, of course! The Marshall corners the outlaws and everyone goes to the train.

Book an upgrade to first class service (or better) for the trip to the Grand Canyon. The seats are luxurious and the amenities are well worth the additional cost. Try fresh cakes and drinks, railroad accessories. A singing cowboy entertains in each car while crossing the train.

The railroad began operating in 1901, when Arizona was still part of the territory of New Mexico. You are in good company aboard the GCR. Presidents Teddy Roosevelt, Howard Taft and Dwight Eisenhower, movie stars Clark Gable, Jimmy Durante and Doris Day, and millionaires like Bill Gates have ridden aboard the Grand Canyon Railway.

GCR tours can include a bus tour along the edge of the Canyon and a lunch before boarding the train for the return trip. Other packages include overnight stays in the Canyon. Or you can take advantage of the free shuttle service to explore on your own. Stand on the edge overlooking the canyon floor. Watch the donkeys descend the narrow path to the ranch below (if you wish to do this, schedule well in advance). You may see a canoeist in the distance of the Colorado River. Feel the winds as they follow the canyon. The explorers, the Native Americans, the miners and the settlers had the same experiences.

Enjoy complimentary drinks and snacks (try a Colorado Cooler) on the way back to Williams. Halfway back, a gang of outlaws crosses the desert to hold the train! While a Marshall chases them through the wagons, the outlaws divide their & # 39; loot & # 39 ;. (gold chocolate coins) with all the children on board!

Back in Williams, stroll along the main street (Route 66), marked only with a stop sign in the center, literally, of the intersection. There is an old bar called Pancho McGillicuddy & # 39; s, a tribute to the Irish and Mexicans who built the railroad. It is the oldest building in Williams. A cowboy who sings … a bucket of frozen shrimp, and the BEST (and hottest) With Cheese anywhere! A perfect night after a perfect day.

These two-day mini vacations are a perfect complement to a trip to Las Vegas or at the beginning of a week-long exploration of northern Arizona. It is a memory that hopes to be experienced.

5 great reasons to stay in Taupo for Easter school holidays

With Easter and school holidays just around the corner, it's time to book your family's escape to the stunning Lake Taupo district. Unlike many vacation destinations, Taupo offers incredible summer and winter activities to keep all family members entertained. Here are 5 excellent reasons to come and stay:

1. Ice skating! This incredible outdoor activity is usually limited to cities in the northern hemisphere such as London, Paris and New York. Now you can skate on an ice rink while watching the impressive Lake Taupo. Due to the great success during the summer, the ice rink will return for the Easter holidays.

2. Trout fishing! Taupo offers some of the best trout fishing in the world, and we are fortunate that this country is a very affordable activity for individuals and families. This activity can be a fun family day on a boat or a beautiful walk along one of the impressive rivers that flow into Lake Taupo. For younger children, the National Trout Center is a great place to visit. Here children can feed the trout in a pond, observe them in an underwater observation chamber and visit the new freshwater aquarium. There is an open day on April 11, where they have an audience for children in the pond!

3. Adventure! Start the day at Aratiatia rapids and watch the narrow gorge fill with turbulent water as the hydroelectric dam releases up to 90,000 liters per second. Thirty minutes later, when the doors are closed, you will see the turbulence recede and the current will return to a placid current. A scene from the new Hobbit movie was also filmed here. In the movie you will see dwarfs hidden in barrels floating through this exact current! After the rapids head to Huka Falls to see this amazing waterfall with its white waters. If you need a break along the way, visit the Honey Hive store where you can see the bees in a hive, try the honey ice cream and buy all the imaginable honey products. There is also a prawn park nearby that has prawn fishing ponds where you can have your own lunch.

4. Adrenaline! For thrill lovers, Taupo offers some amazing activities. You can start the day by jumping off a plane at 12,000 feet, and if that is not enough, you can continue with a 47-meter jump from a cliff attached to a bungy! If you like water, then the Huka Falls speedboat will surely delight you. In addition, on Easter weekend, Taupo Motorsport Park has its Independent Racing Classes. This annual event offers some of the best races and the greatest variety of classes you will see in any race circuit. This is also their final round for the season and everyone will try with all their might that inevitably leads to tingling races in the spine!

5. Relax. For moms and dads who need to relax on vacation, Taupo has two hot pool options for families. There is an indoor / outdoor hot water complex with slides, or a thermal pool option that also has a slide and a water park for children. Other relaxing activities include the Huka Falls River cruise, Taupo Lake cruises available on several boats and yachts, and the many fantastic cafés and restaurants that Taupo has to offer.

Book your accommodation at Motel for Taupo now and enjoy a vacation for the whole family!