Your vacation in Barbados: five things to do and five things not to do

An Englishman is on a plane approaching Barbados; He goes for his annual vacation to the paradise island. When the plane approaches the island, the Englishman looks out the window. And he sees, gleaming in the clear water of the Caribbean Sea surrounding Barbados, the wedding ring he had lost last year.

It is an urban myth, but who knows? The sea around Barbados is amazingly and brilliantly clear. You will see it for yourself when you visit it. And when you do, pay attention to these do and not do:

Do not haggle Fighting for the price is not part of the Barbadian culture. Pay the price that the seller asks or does not buy. Also, ask the price of a taxi ride. prior to get in a taxi, then accept the price or take the bus.

Do not drive on the right side of the road We drive like the Bits: on the left. This means that the steering wheel is on the right side and, if you have a manual transmission, you will operate it with your left hand. It is a bit like an exercise of hitting the head, rubbing the stomach until you get used to it.

Do not go to the beaches at night This applies to any beach anywhere in the world. Barbados & # 39; The crime rate is low, but use common sense.

Don't drink too much rum Rum is a religion in Barbados; In fact, it is believed that Barbados is the place where rum was first developed. The problem is that rum falls easily, especially in the ubiquitous island drink, the rum punch. So, while enjoying your libation, remember that there are Ron in that blow

Do not stay inside your hotel if it rains Even during Barbados & # 39; rainy season in the fall, the island rarely receives torrential rains. And he hasn't seen a hurricane since 1955. Therefore, his chances of having a glorious climate are overwhelming. However, if it rains, plan indoor activities, such as visiting George Washington's house (yes, George Washington lived in Barbados for a short time) or taking a tour of the Mount Gay rum factory.

Eat flying fish Flying fish are for Barbados what salmon is for Alaska. You will find fried, grilled flying fish, prepared with a Creole sauce and placed in sandwiches (called "cutters"). Be sure to go to Oistins, on the south coast, on Friday nights: freshly caught flying fish are cooked on the beach, music is heard and parents and children have fun.

Take a catamaran cruise This is the best way to experience the Caribbean Sea, see the famous platinum coast of Barbados and swim with our soft giant sea turtles.

Nothing! But know where you can and where you can't. Immerse yourself in the sea anywhere on the west coast of Barbados, where the Caribbean Sea calls with clear, smooth water. Much of the south coast also offers wonderful swimming. Do no swim along the east coast of the island, where the Atlantic Ocean beats.

Sponsor street vendors in St. Pete Lawrence Gap Sellers are friendly and relaxed, but they take their work seriously; Many have been selling along St. Lawrence Gap for a decade or more.

Bring your family Barbados is not only for honeymoon couples, although we have many lovers. The island is also a fantastic place for family vacations, with a calm sea that has no sharks or stinging sea creatures and many land activities. In fact, be sure to take the Island Safari with four-wheel drive: kids love it! Children of all ages, that is …