Venice – Water under the bridge?

When Venice is not busy imitating Atlantis, it is one of the best holiday destinations in Italy; And not to mention that it is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. In fact, located in northern Italy, Venice offers one of the most wonderful architectures in the world. But, of course, upon hearing the word Venice, it often evokes images of gondolas, canals, mask dances and beautiful architecture; that come to mind in a torrent of color and culture.

However, in recent times, Venice has suffered some of the worst floods in more than 20 years, as strong winds and Adriatic rains raise the sea level by 156 cm. This leaves the Venetians and tourists fighting for the streets submerged under 80 centimeters of water.

With the Vaparasso (Venetian water buses) on strike, crossing the city is almost impossible, leaving people trapped inside until the flood waters begin to diminish. And with the project of the underwater dam of Venice & # 39; Moses & # 39; still under construction until 2011, it is up to the people to literally rescue themselves in the meantime.

However, as soon as the sun shines on Venice and the streets are dry, you should take the opportunity to stroll through the hidden alleys, side streets and bridges that create a maze behind the Grand Canal; Away from the running tourists and home to some hidden gems. Back on the beaten track, you will find that St. Mark's Square and the Rialto Bridge are among some of the most emblematic places in Italy, and will be full of tourists and Venetians alike.

It is important to understand that Venice is busier during the summer, Christmas and New Year; However, depending on your preferred climate, it is recommended that you travel in spring or autumn when temperatures are also cooler.

Another good time to visit is during the month of February when the Carnival of Venice is in full swing. At this time of the year, hundreds of masked revelers take to the streets dressed in period and, as a result, can book many hotels months in advance. Therefore, if you want to go, book in advance and remember to bring a camera.

But if you choose to visit Venice, it is possible that the holidays in Italy show that they offer some of the most interesting and exciting destinations on earth. And once you have visited Italy for the first time, you may be encouraged to discover even more a lot of wonderful cities, which this fascinating country has to offer.