10 must-see places in Camarines Sur for a unique vacation experience

Do you want to experience a unique vacation? Camarines Sur in the Philippines will surely provide travelers with unique experiences. CamSur, as the locals call it, has rich natural attractions as well as cultural and heritage traces that make it an exciting vacation. Then, when you have decided to visit this wonderful province, consider visiting these remarkable sites:

1. CamSur Watersports Complex (CWC): one of the best tourist drawers in the province, this exclusive water sports park has excellent facilities for wakeboarding, water skiing and water skating. It also has a 6-point cable ski system that is ideal for any level of water skiers, from beginners to professionals.

2. Caramoan Islands – Considered as Philippines & # 39; Secret paradise, this peninsula remains untapped from commercial tourism. Virgin beaches, crystal clear waters and abundant marine life are what one will discover here. If you have the opportunity to visit Caramoan, you will find the perfect place for swimming, diving, caving and diving.

3. Sabang Beach: located in the coastal barangay of San José, the beach is the main stop for travelers going to Caramoan. It is also developing as an important tourist destination in Camarines Sur, as it also has a wonderful coastline.

4. Lake Buhi and Lake Bato: these 2 bodies of water are popular for their rich aquatic resources. Freshwater Buhi Lake, located about 105 m above sea level, is home to Sinarapan, the smallest commercial fish in the world. On the other hand, Lake Bato is an inland lake with swamps and swampy forests. It is also the habitat of wild ducks in the area.

5. Itbog Twin Falls – Located in the city of Buhi, the 60-foot twin waterfalls offer visitors a splendid view of the white waters that flow from the top of the mountain. Isarog and waterfalls in the middle of green foliage.

6. Consocep Resthouse – Located on the top of the mountain. Isarog, with an elevation of approximately 1,800 feet, allows guests to enjoy the cool breeze and lush surroundings while enjoying the view of the Pacific Ocean.

7. Leaning Tower of Bombón: next to the old church of Bombón, you will see a similar bell tower, but not a replica, of the leaning tower of Italy in Pisa.

8. Provincial Capitol Complex: the seat of the government of Camarines Sur is also a well-known tourist attraction. In addition to its imposing structures, it also has an eco-village with lush flora, a chicken farm and an aviary.

9. PNR Marker Park – A historic site, is where the late President Manuel Quezon nailed a gold nail during the inauguration of the North and South railroad tracks that connected Legazpi with Manila.

10. Basilica of Our Lady of Peñafrancia – This is the house of Our Lady of Peñafrancia, the patron saint of the Bicol Region. In front of this impressive church there is a vaulted pavilion that serves as a refuge for the image of Mary after the main processions during her September party.

There are many other places you can go while you are here, so you better choose a hotel in Camarines Sur that gives you excellent access to these destinations. Choosing the right accommodation for you and your family or friends is also essential to make the most of your vacation in Camarines Sur.