Why do the British buy property in Hurghada?

Distance is a factor.

From the mid-2000s onwards, the British began to look for vacations in other places, which could offer them a better value for money with guaranteed sun, but it is not considered a long journey.

Hurghada is known as a half-way within the airline industry, since it is only a six-hour flight from the United Kingdom and most of southern Europe.

Shorter flight time compared to some long-distance destinations is an important factor as to why many Europeans choose to come here, with an airport very close to all the main districts of Hurghada, which means a short transfer time between the Airport and hotels and residences. Another great reason to consider buying a property in Hurghada.


The weather is another reason why people choose to buy properties in Hurghada with a sunny climate and temperatures throughout the year, even in winter that rarely fall below 15 ° C (at night), it seems a natural option for tourists and long-term residents.

Even in the hottest month of July, when temperatures can reach 45-50 degrees, the breeze of the beautiful Red Sea is a welcome factor.

What to do

The choice of activities is abundant in Hurghada, as it is prepared for tourists of all tastes. Together with tourists, it attracts long-term visitors, which helps the real estate market to sell more properties in Hurghada.

Whether you are more interested in the sun, the sea and relaxation and want to spend time on one of the many beaches of clean white sand, or adventures such as snorkeling or diving in the wonderful coral reefs of the Red Sea, adventures in the Desert like camel safaris, quads and sand surfing.

The options are endless. More reasons to be here and consider buying that fabulous property in Hurghada.

Along with this there are several main areas, such as the Sheraton Road district of Sakala and the charming Mamsha waterfront, where there are shops, restaurants, cafes, nightlife and much more.

There is also a port and central marina where many tourists and locals spend their time walking, relaxing and gathering during dinner or coffee at the many outlets that offer a wide range of kitchens at very affordable prices. Therefore, wherever you choose to buy your property in Hurghada, you will be very close to the main attractions.

Post Revolution

Since the fall of President Hosni Mubarak in 2011, and the continuing unstable situation that resulted in the expulsion of President Mohamed Morsi, it is fair to say that many foreigners were reluctant to travel to Hurghada and several European countries canceled flights.

However, the riots have not affected the Red Sea resorts and flights to and from Europe have resumed normally. British and Europeans are still buying properties in Hurghada.

The current situation (March 2014) in Egypt is much more settled with new pending elections and Egyptians very focused on improving their country and its economy. The Government continuously seeks to improve the purchase of foreign investment in the purchase of properties in Hurghada.

Real estate

Since the collapse of the Spanish real estate market in the 1990s, many Britons have been looking elsewhere to invest their money abroad.

The Spanish situation was problematic because the owners and unscrupulous councils were not sincere and honest about land rights and purchase laws and regulations. Therefore, many Britons lost property and money invested due to reclaimed land.

In other parts of Europe, other countries also increased property purchase prices due to the introduction of the Euro currency, while in comparison, property prices in Hurghada are extremely competitive.

In Hurghada (and throughout Egypt), the currency is still yours, known as the Egyptian Pound. It is a fact that countries that still operate within their own currencies have a better value for money, both in holiday expenses and in the purchase of properties.

How easy is buying a property in Hurghada?

The good news is that the procedures here related to the purchase of properties in Hurghada are very simple. The Government is encouraging many foreigners to invest here, therefore it is convenient for them to make it simple, fast and honest.

It is essential to appoint a good Egyptian lawyer to handle all the details of the Egyptian side, since a British (European) lawyer cannot do all the paperwork from abroad.

Land rights here are much more defined and secure, and total property rights are granted to the buyer through full payment of the property in Hurghada.

Buyers are often required to pay a deposit on a purchase, which when considering the very reasonable prices of the properties in Hurghada, is minimal.

Your broker or owner will give you all the paper information about the payment plan. Cash payments are the norm here, however, this is for your benefit, since it generally means a price discount.

All of this is good news when you consider all major property purchases in Hurghada.

What types of properties in Hurghada are available?

Depending on the requirements of the buyer, there is usually something for everyone when buying a property in Hurghada.

Britons tend to have different tastes and needs when buying property in Hurghada, which may depend on several factors:

• Years
• couples or families
• Budget
• Location
• Type of residence
• Time of the year
• Purpose of the purchase.

In terms of age, there are many retirees who choose to buy property in Hurghada, using their retirement funds and tend to live here in the long term.

Often, couples buy properties in Hurghada with the idea of ​​having them as a holiday home where they can come and go throughout the year and often invite family and friends to use them when they are not there.

Another major attraction for buyers when they buy a property in Hurghada, is the & # 39; buy to rent & # 39; # 39; system where they can retain a good income by renting their properties.

Budget is another important factor when buying property in Hurghada.

However, at a good value for the property prices, even with a smaller budget, it is affordable. It is possible to buy a 2 bedroom property here in Hurghada, for a third of what you would pay in the UK!

The location is another decisive factor when buying a property in Hurghada, according to the requirements of the buyer. For example, a retired couple may wish to shop in a quieter district and still have easy access to all services and attractions.

A younger couple or family can choose to live in a more lively district with all the attractions and services within walking distance.

As Hurghada is a year-round destination, people often buy properties in Hurghada to stay here for the long term, while others choose to stay during the summer and maybe rent their properties during the winter season, which still has potential and Another logical reason to buy property in Hurghada.

Many Britons come here for a stay of several months before returning home.

The best option is to consider buying a property in Hurghada, since in the long term it is more practical than renting and not getting any money back.

British people generally like to be close to other Britons when they are abroad.

Therefore, it is good to know that Hurghada has a large community of former patriots who have bought properties in Hurghada and have created their own community that includes meetings, magazines, British cuisine, etc.

When choosing properties in Hurghada as a purchase, there are many options.

The following is a brief summary of what is available through Real Estate here in Hurghada:

• Studio apartments: generally furnished but available without furniture. These can be in an apartment block or in private complexes and compounds. Some are unfinished and in residence outside the plan.

• Apartments with 1-4 rooms. The same options as studio apartments with British compounds also available.

• Villas: it can be a complete villa option, half villa consisting of 1 floor, either on the ground floor or first floor, or even apartments available in villas, furnished or unfurnished. Also have shared or own pool facilities.

• Beach or city residences, apartments and villas.

Move around Hurghada

While there are many districts in Hurghada, the proximity between the areas and attractions is small, so most areas are accessible on foot or in short distances by car.

This is another additional advantage when buying a property in Hurghada.

As there is a large foreign contingency living in Hurghada, there are many brands that serve Europeans and British alike. Therefore, local supermarkets often have products for all tastes.

The Senzo Mall has a large supermarket that can be reached by bus and has many facilities there for retail stores and food stores as well.

The main areas of Hurghada populated with British residents are El Kawther, Mamsha, Intercontinental, Mubarak 6 and Mubarak7.

These districts are home to several British resorts and complexes, along with private villas.

English is the second language here in Egypt and since Hurghada is a tourist center, it is normal when speaking with local Egyptians, so it is another reason why British visitors return and buy property in Hurghada.