Disney the adult way

If you don't think of Disneyland in California as a meeting place for adults, you haven't been there lately. His new name is Disneyland Resort. The name changed after the opening of Downtown Disney and Disney & # 39; s California Adventure, locally known as DCA. Downtown Disney is a shopping and restaurant center that features restaurants like ESPN Zone, House of Blues and Brennans & # 39; Jazz cuisine Brennan has authentic New Orleans Beignets. If you can't reach Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans, this is a very good place to wake up in Southern California.

Early morning in downtown Disney can be very quiet. If you fly from the east coast as we did on this trip, getting up at 5 in the morning looking for breakfast was a fruitless effort. A couple of places open around 6 in the morning, but coffee, tea, and buns run until 7. That was a bit odd, but we also noticed that we were the only two people without a pressure washer or a clipboard.

Once we spend the morning delay, we end up having breakfast in the small cafe behind the pool of the Grand Californian Hotel. The $ 8 breakfast sandwich was a bit expensive, and we split it since it was HUGE. This breakfast sandwich had a freshly cooked egg, very good bacon and fresh bread. There is no microwave here. We sat on the picnic-style benches and enjoyed the company of a calico cat very patient and calm. The hostess told us that the cat was there as a mouse hunter.

On the way to DCA, I turned aside at Latitude 33 and bought island-style resort clothes and a couple of signs for my pool. My wife was trapped in another store buying Christmas treats. After a quick trip back to the room, we begin our way. Now I have to admit that for two adults who grew up in Southern California, we probably visit Disneyland and Disneyworld in Florida more than anyone we know.

In DCA we reached our favorites immediately, Soaring Over California, Maliboomer and Monsters Inc. The lines were quite long, so we ended up walking through the park and sunbathing. At noon we had hit our backs and stopped at the San Francisco Bread Company to try some sourdough bread from the oven. Then he went to the tortilla factory to get a quick sample of tortillas.

So here we are at noon, lazy and thirsty in the great Monterey Cannery Row-style courtyard. My wife came over and grabbed a daisy while I walked to the beer truck. Now this is the life of Disney. Standing in the beer truck, it was after 3 o'clock on my biological clock, but clearly the rest of the guests didn't feel the same since there was no line. Realizing that I was looking at a selection of craft beers, I wasn't sure what to buy. Not being a true beer fan, I usually keep Bud Light and call him one day. The guy behind the counter suggested that I try the Oktoberfest, so I did it.

Karl Strauss is a micro brew from San Diego, California. For the most part, I find that micro beers are tasteless three-day beers. Oktoberfest changed my idea quickly. A deep colored beer very balanced on the wall with just a touch of spicy autumn, this was a very good beer. I felt a little guilty drinking such a nice beer from a plastic cup in the DCA, but hey, there is no glass that allows park security, you know? A plate of chili mother dough was added and I had a great lunch in the California sun.

The next time you're in SoCal, come in, or if you're in San Diego, find Karl Strauss and tell them what you think of his other beers.