Kasauli: a look of robbery to the poetic charms of this city of the Himachal

Kasauli is one of those cities that refuse to move forward with time. We may rush towards 2014, but this small and peaceful village-type city is still so good, the old Kasauli that attracted the British in large numbers. You may have read the stories of Ruskin Bond and if you loved the beauty of the hillside it represented by Mussoorie, then you can easily compare them with that of Kasauli.

Full of gardens, flowers, birds and trees, this place is serene and peaceful. The mountains seem so calm and relaxed in this region that you feel as if time has stopped for eternity. Shimla is a city full of people that is only 76 km away. But it is difficult to imagine that the cacophonic Shimla is so close to this city, that it is a true epitome of serenity and tranquility. If you wanted to fall in love with nature, then Kasauli is the place you must enter. Do not worry, there are many attractions and excellent hotel facilities. Even a honeymoon in its quiet places would fill you with warm memories. And the icing on the cake is the fact that Himachal tour packages for Kasauli can be very cheap!

When to visit Kasauli : Kasauli can be visited throughout the year, since summer is pleasant and winter is not hard. However, ideally if you are looking to escape the summer heat in your cities, plan a trip to Kasauli during the months of April to October.

Things to do in Kasauli : As a tourist and tourist, you will not be wondering what to do in this place. There is a practical variety and you will surely have many options. Some of the main things you can do in your lovely environment are the following:

one] Verifying the views : There is nothing better than climbing a mountain and seeing the valleys and gorges from those special points of view. The Monkey Point is the most favored place from where you can get an impressive view of the region. And do not dare to forget your cameras while jumping to this place.

2] Ornithology : If you love birds, then Kasauli would be a pleasure for you! No wonder this city is home to so many colorful and attractive birds. After all, where else could the birds have nested when they have this unique Kasauli to tempt them? When thousands sound, you will feel that you are listening to Beethoven's symphonies! There are some lovely stretches of forests and forests full of cedar trees. Just wander through these areas and your ears will tune in to the tunes of the squeaky mynahs and the cuckoo singing!

3] Explore the churches : Yes, Kasauli has some ancient churches that are quite beautiful and will make you drown in a miasma of nostalgia. Some are in decadent conditions, but they will make lovely snapshots.

4] outdoor sports : In addition to walking, hiking and camping, the Himachal tour is also known for its adventure sports environment. Then, trekking and paragliding should find ample space in your Kasauli itinerary.