Four places to visit along the east coast

Great weekend getaways along the east coast

Four great getaways along the east coast include places from New York to North Carolina. I chose four places that make great weekend getaways or make excellent vacations for couples, individuals or families. Each of these places fulfills its purpose of rest and relaxation, as well as pleasure, adventure and new things to experience.

A wonderful place to visit in New York is a place called Chautauqua Institution. Chautauqua Institution is a gated community where visitors can experience the arts, philosophy, recreation and religion. There is a lot of entertainment within the gated community, from concerts to conferences and opera. The summer event season lasts nine weeks. People stay in beautiful centenary houses within the community or in hotels or cabins near Lake Chautauqua. It is a beautiful place and a wonderful holiday for a person, couple, family or group of friends.

Another great place for a weekend getaway or longer vacation is Niagara Falls, also in New York. It is considered the honeymoon world capital and one of the seven wonders of the world. Simply walking and seeing the falls can take all day or more, but there are several other attractions at the falls, including a ride on The Maid Of The Mist. This is a boat that takes you directly to the mist under the falls and an amazing experience. A large casino brings thousands of people to Niagara Falls to try their luck at slot machines. Several marriages take place in the beautiful gardens surrounding the falls. There are several places to stay and nightlife is also abundant.

Traveling further south along the east coast takes us to Williamsburg, Virginia. What a wonderful and historical place. During your visit to Colonial Williamsburg, the experience that will make you feel as if you had been transported in time while walking through what must have been in past years. People even dress and play the role of people in colonial times to make it seem real. Also in Williamsburg is Busch Gardens, where families love to spend time. Jamestown, Virginia, is nearby and is another great historic place to visit with Mayflower replicas, huge tipis and other historical recreations. And if your family likes water, don't miss the water park located very close to Williamsburg, Virginia. A short trip takes you to a day in Virginia Beach too.

Even further south, you'll find an incredible view when you visit the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Sand dunes are the most amazing sight. Climbing the dunes and seeing nothing but sand for miles and miles is an impressive experience. Just walking or climbing is great, but some take photos, fly kites, make sand angels as if they were snow angels. Another great thing about outside banks, of course, are the beaches. Not only are they excellent for sunbathing, but they can even see a wild horse while wild horses run along the beaches in certain areas of the outer banks.

If you have the opportunity to make a trip or a getaway for a week or a weekend, consider one of these places to have a fantastic time. You will have much to see and do. I have given you four places to visit along the east coast. Choose one of these places for a fun vacation.