Hiking trails in the Catskills Mountains of New York

Grab your hiking boots and let yourself go! Hiking is perhaps the most popular activity in Catskills. The origin of many hiking trails in the state of New York has its roots in the paths made by Native Americans to various seasonal hunting grounds. Later, loggers with ponies pulled hemlocks from the Catskill forests to […]

Experiences in Africa

Our access to legends and luminaries allows us to create excellent trips of special interest. No matter what your passion, we have the perfect safari to match. Epicureans, for example, can explore some of the best restaurants and vineyards in South Africa with a world-famous chef or winemaker. Golfers can play a game with a […]

The Shoshone-Bannock in Fort Hall

Fort Hall was an important station on the westbound journey, and a fascinating place to visit now! This is true not only for its unique role in the history of the Oregon and California trails, but also for the thriving culture of the Shoshone-Bannock reserve. Emphasizing the unique aspects of Fort Hall Shoshone-Bannocks is to […]

Why do the British buy property in Hurghada?

Distance is a factor. From the mid-2000s onwards, the British began to look for vacations in other places, which could offer them a better value for money with guaranteed sun, but it is not considered a long journey. Hurghada is known as a half-way within the airline industry, since it is only a six-hour flight […]

Disney the adult way

If you don't think of Disneyland in California as a meeting place for adults, you haven't been there lately. His new name is Disneyland Resort. The name changed after the opening of Downtown Disney and Disney & # 39; s California Adventure, locally known as DCA. Downtown Disney is a shopping and restaurant center that […]

Myths about the Taj Mahal

From the moment of the construction of the building, it has been the source of an appreciation that transcends traditions and geography, so private and emotional responses have been constantly damaging the educational review of the monument. Very ancient myths argue that Shah Jahan was planning to build a monument in black marble that crosses […]

State of the plateau in summary

The state of the plateau in Nigeria (West Africa) derives its name from the geographical description of the landscape that predominates in this part of Nigeria, which is often known as the Jos plateau. The Jos Plateau is the highest of the two plateaus found in Nigeria; the other is the Mambilla plateau. While a […]