Travel tips for weddings and honeymoons in France

Plan ahead Make your reservations six months to one year in advance if possible. Early booking can mean discounts on the air and a wider selection of accommodations to choose from.

Best time to travel Romance in France has no season. A favorite time of the year to travel here could be spring and autumn, when the weather is perfect. Summer is also nice, but it can be full of tourists. August is the hottest month and much of France is on vacation, so, if possible, avoid August or book the Riviera early. Winter is a good time to visit with great offers for the low season and fewer crowds of tourists.

How long to stay We suggest at least 4 days in Paris, but for many even a week is not enough in this "City of Lights". Newlyweds often choose Paris and another region. This will give you the opportunity to discover and experience the romance of Paris and another beautiful region. Popular options are also Provence, Loire Valley and the French Riviera, where you could easily stay a week in each.

Food Meals are always the first on the list of travelers, especially honeymooners. Food and wine in France are among the best in the world. This is a gastronomic experience that you will not forget soon. Reservations at the best restaurants must be made in advance. Some restaurants can be booked months in advance, so book ahead if you have a special meal in mind.

Photographs You will treasure every moment and memory with every photo you take. You can even take some suitable photos to frame in your home. So click!

Plan to relax When you arrive in France, you will have a jet lag and you may need some downtime. Weddings can be stressful, so take the time to relax and enjoy each other.

Accommodations Book the best room you can afford. France Journeys personally selects hotels, castles and B & B for its charm, atmosphere, service and location. Do not leave anything to chance and keep in mind that updates once you arrive, especially in high season, may not be possible.

Packaging Pack as lightly as possible and be sure to put clothes for yourself and your spouse in each suitcase. This can help if a bag is lost or delayed. Always carry jewelry, medications and travel documents in your handbag.

France wedding Getting married in France can be a dream come true, but a professional can ease the burden of complying with French marriage laws. Here are some things that can give you an idea of ​​what you should do.

· Non-French citizens who wish to marry in France need several documents. You will need your French passport or residence permit and a new birth certificate.

· You will need a French lawyer to write documents proving your right to marry and a certificate of celibacy.

· French law requires at least 40 days of residence before you can have a civil ceremony. This ceremony is held at the local French city hall. You will need two proof of residence to prove your 40-day residency.

· You will also need a medical exam by a French doctor.

· A religious ceremony can take place once the civil ceremony is completed. You must present a civil marriage certificate before the ceremony can take place. If you opt only for a religious ceremony to eliminate much of the stress, simply have a small civil ceremony at home and bring your certificate, family and friends.

· An officially recognized French translator to translate all documents is essential and translate the wedding ceremony if necessary.