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Korean cryptographic platform ICONLOOP has been busy despite a long break in altcoin activity. The latest development of the project is a blockchain-based identity authentication service.

ICON keeps the cryptographic news
Many encryption projects have fallen away, as the prolongation of winter keeps the price of tokens on the floor. Some, however, ignored market issues and switched to their projects. ICONLOOP from South Korea is one of the blockchain startups that continues to innovate, and its latest offering is a blockchain-based identity verification service.

The system uses a decentralized identifier protocol (DID) in the ICON blockchain. Users can store their personally identifiable information in the DPASS program and access several related services without having to verify their identity.


Modern systems of identity verification are often difficult for those who lack technical thinking. Many are subject to abuse by third parties who attempt to steal their personal identity for profit. The DPASS system was designed to prevent users from managing their personal data.

As an additional layer of security, DPASS works with a blockchain-based certificate-issuing service developed by ICONLOOP called “the underworld”. This allows them to keep security certificates that are immune from fraud and counterfeiting. The platform is designed to work with more online and offline services that require these advanced layers of security.

Bangkok Recreational Tour: an exciting experience to appreciate for a long time

Bangkok is the capital and the largest city in Thailand. Located in the heart of the country, this lively city is a starting point for most visitors to Thailand. High-rise building, heavy traffic, bustling markets and naughty nightlife, the city looks vibrant and exotic at first sight. But the rich cultural and natural heritage, the magnificent temples and palaces, and a variety of recreational activities make Bangkok a complete holiday destination that can delight everyone, from grandfather to grandson. When it comes to a recreational tour to Bangkok, one can find a handful of things to do and see, which provide a unique feeling full of excitement and joy. These are some of the favorite tourist attractions that a recreational tour of Bangkok has to offer.

Bangkok Dream World
The exciting atmosphere in this giant amusement park will surely leave you and your children delighted. Exciting shows, exciting attractions and fascinating landscapes in Bangkok Dream World provide visitors with an unforgettable vacation experience. This wonderful theme park is undeniable among the main tourist attractions for families in Bangkok.

Chatuchang Market
Is bargain hunting what gives you epinephrine? Do not miss visiting the Chatuchang market. More than 35 acres of land, around 15,000 stalls and thousands of visitors, this wide market is more than anyone's expectations. Mother of all Thai markets, Chatuchang Market is perhaps one of the largest markets in the world. This mass market has almost everything a buyer can imagine. And the biggest reward is that high quality products are available at a reasonable price. However, you must be an expert negotiator.

Sampron Elephant Ground & Zoo
Located 30 km west of Bangkok, Sampron Elephant Ground is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Bangkok. You could watch some hypnotic animal shows, including the Elephant Theme Show and the Crocodile Wrestling Show in a huge animal reserve. It would really be great to see giant elephants dancing, running, playing football and carefully obeying their teacher. The crocodile fight is also quite exciting to watch. In addition, you can enjoy elephant rides and stunning views of tropical gardens and waterfalls.

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum Bangkok
Brush your shoulders or let your favorite celebrity lick you, or kiss your favorite Hollywood star in the air, Madame Tussauds Museum is really a wonderful tourist spot in Bangkok. Located in the heart of the Siam shopping district, the museum contains more than 70 world-class wax figures of world celebrities. Really, your experience in this museum will be unforgettable.

On top of that, you can visit Bangkok Safari World, Siam Dream World and Muay Thai to add more delicacies to your recreational tour to Bangkok. In addition, a Bangkok package allows travelers to have a great shopping experience and a remarkable nightlife. However, do not get into Bangkok's nightlife with family, especially children and the elderly. Hotels in Bangkok offer world class stays amid modern amenities and attractive hospitality. By searching the web, you can find some renowned travel portals that offer a wide range of tour packages in Thailand. You can choose your most suitable tourist package for Thailand taking into account your needs and budget.

Big City sounds with a Caribbean touch at the Aruba Music Festival

As an island known for its vibrant tropical energy and its various entertainment options, Aruba is one of the best destinations in the Caribbean to experience live music. The capital city of Oranjestad is known as a hotbed of Caribbean jazz and Latin music, as many clubs and concert halls organize live bands throughout the year. Even outside the main tourist areas of Oranjestad, live music can be heard in restaurants and on the beaches. The island also hosts major music festivals, the Aruba Soul Beach Music Festival, an annual event held every May that exhibits internationally renowned soul and R&B artists, and the Aruba Music Festival, a two-day festival that gives Welcome to the best-selling classic rock groups, emerging superstars and lesser-known regional artists. While events like the Aruba Music Festival are organized around the world, few festivals can boast the unique combination of the entertainment event in the big city and the cozy Caribbean atmosphere.

Although only in its eighth official season, the Aruba Music Festival has already attracted an incredible variety of top-selling artists. Before becoming the Aruba Music Festival, the event was known as the Aruba Latin and Jazz Festival. Developed in the 1980s to exhibit the rich musical tradition of the Caribbean region, the Aruba Jazz and Latin Festival was expanded and renamed in 2002. Although the Aruba Music Festival was created as a way to present the Best acts of international tours, the festival has remained true to its roots and continues to offer performances by jazz and Latin artists from across the Caribbean region.

While the lineup for this year's festival has not yet been announced, the event will surely feature famous classic rock acts, as well as many local, regional and promising international artists. In recent years, the main acts at the Aruba Music Festival have included classic rock bands known as Chicago, The Doobie Brothers, Styx, REO Speedwagon, Queen and Crosby Stills and Nash. The festival has also attracted several internationally recognized singer-songwriters such as Lionel Richie, Jackson Browne and contemporary favorite, John Mayer. Before the leading artists take the stage every day at the Aruba Music Festival, the side stage is heated with a wide range of musical styles, most provided by groups specialized in dance-friendly Caribbean genres.

The Aruba Music Festival takes place every year in the modern Aruba Entertainment Center. The spacious outdoor venue allows concert goers to enjoy the cool afternoon weather in a picturesque setting just five minutes drive from downtown Oranjestad and fifteen minutes drive from the island's hotel zone. The Aruba Entertainment Center offers superior acoustics and an open but intimate design that ensures all concert goers have excellent views of the main stage. The place has a large general entrance and open lawn areas that allow concert goers to lie on blankets and enjoy a relaxing, picnic-like experience, while those who prefer reserved seats will find excellent views near the stage. Behind the rest areas, a number of food stands serve drinks and food, including local beers and snacks.

As the Aruba Music Festival is organized just before the start of the peak tourist season, budget conscious travelers visiting the island before winter break have an excellent opportunity to experience the island's vibrant music scene . Tourists visiting Aruba during the fall season will also be sure of excellent weather, as the island is outside the belt of storms that affects many Caribbean islands.

The Aruba Music Festival will take place this year on the weekend of October 9-10. After this year the calendar of main events is developed, updates about the festival can be found on the official tourism website of Aruba (www.aruba.com). As the schedule will appear prominently in local travel publications, travelers can also contact their resort for more details about the festival.

New Brunswick – The 10 best beaches in New Brunswick

Although holiday brochures generally show white-sand beaches in a tropical paradise, some of the best beaches in the world are found in the cooler weather of beautiful New Brunswick. This Canadian Atlantic province has sandy beaches, but New Brunswick can offer much more on a unique beach vacation for a day trip or an extended stay. Whether people prefer a sandy stretch, a rugged coastline or a quiet and deserted beach, everyone can find their favorite among the top ten beaches in New Brunswick.

The 10 best beaches in NB

1. Shepody Bay

Shepody Bay Beach is a world class beach. Since visitors to this destination can walk at the bottom of the ocean at low tide, Shepody Bay Beach in Fundy Bay deserves that rating. As part of the Rocks Provincial Park, this area is home to the Hopewell Rocks (sometimes called & # 39; rock pots & # 39;).

Hopewell formations were created through the erosion of the sandstone from the coast by the world's largest tides. The wear of the coast left behind Hopewell's rocks, which are huge stone pillars, with trees and dirt on top, that rise above the low tide mark. Stand up and admire the formations at low tide, but don't stay at high tide. With the largest tides in the world, 100 billion tons of water rise and fall twice a day.

2. Demoiselle

For a quiet and romantic sandy beach, visit the Demoiselle beach. Located at the southern end of the Rocks Provincial Park, Demoiselle Beach received its name in the 1700s due to the feminine forms of rock formations on the adjacent cliffs. With an impressive salt marsh on the other side, Demoiselle Beach is an excellent viewpoint for shorebirds and waterfowl, as well as other wild animals.

3. Marsh Island Barn

Barn Marsh Island Beach travels six kilometers in length from Barn Marsh Island. The beach can be accessed from the Cape Enrage lighthouse. Although this place is beautiful, it is not for the faint of heart. There is a constant danger of falling rocks from the 40-meter cliffs that extend along most of the beach.

4. Samurai

Samurai Beach is the only stretch of land that connects the continent with Barn Marsh Island. Samurai Beach is completely covered during the first two hours of the flood tide (incoming) and the ebb tide (outgoing). Without known undercurrents, it is possible to swim in Samurai Beach, but it is always at your own risk.

5. La Dune de Bouctouche

La Dune de Bouctouche is a seven-mile sand dune that houses varied species of birds and animals. Guided tours allow anyone to explore the dunes, but La Dune de Bouctouche is a protected area. An ecocenter has been created to study, protect and restore this sandy area. The dune is protected by marram grass that helps prevent erosion.

6. Kouchibouguac National Park

Located in eastern New Brunswick, on the banks of the Northumberland Strait, La Dune de Bouctouche is located southeast of the Kouchibouguac National Park. This park houses beaches and sand dunes. Boardwalks create protection for sand dunes. Native birds such as terns, as well as plovers, an endangered species, nest on its beaches.

7. Aboiteau

In Cap-Pele, tourists will find Aboiteau Beach, a first-class beach in southeastern New Brunswick. Located at a perfect angle for sunbathing or swimming, the Aboiteau beach, with its white sand, stretches for almost 2.5 kilometers. On a clear day, the tower on Aboiteau beach offers an incredible view of Prince Edward Island.

8. Melvin

Melvin Beach is one of the magnificent beaches that can be accessed from Fundy Trail Parkway. Since part of the walk includes rocky roads, sturdy footwear is a must. Given the view of the clay-covered cliffs between Melvin Beach and Pangburn Beach, this challenging walk is worth it.

9. Parlee

Located in Shediac, in the Northumberland Strait, Parlee Beach is one of the most popular beaches in NB. Parlee Beach is known as one of the warmest salt water beaches in northern Virginia. During the summer months, approximately 1,000,000 people visit Parlee Beach.

10. Katy Creek

Katy & # 39; s Cove is an attraction of St. Andrews. Like many NB beaches, this stretch of sand is only minutes away from modern facilities. With its warm waters and white sand, this amazing beach is perfect for summer fun. Tourists can find comfortable and affordable cabins and hotels in New Brunswick near any of the province's beaches.

Whether one prefers fresh or salt water beaches for a vacation spot, numerous NB beaches get a maximum rating. While some will plan their tropical vacation to rest on ordinary beaches, many others will look for unique places. Rest in the sun cannot be compared to walking at the bottom of the ocean on a beach in New Brunswick.

Suzhou Travel Guide – Introduction of Suzhou

Suzhou, the cradle of the Wu culture, is a city with a history of more than 2,500 years, dating back to the later Shang dynasty. Suzhou is located in the south of Jiangsu Province, about 50 miles west of Shanghai, along the old Grand Canal. When talking about Suzhou, the old saying mentions it as a "Paradise on Earth" or "Oriental Venice of the world", in reference to its natural beauty, classical gardens, bridges and waters, traditional operas and soft dialect tone.

Located downstream of the Yangtze River drainage basin and the economic zone of the Yangtze River Delta, Suzhou has been a national tourist center and has attracted visitors from all over the world. The city is known for its classic gardens, in which two of them have been classified as the great world heritage sites. Among the gardens are the Garden of the Humble Administrator (Zhuo Zheng Yuan), the Blue Waves Pavilion (Cang Lang Ting), the Garden to stop (Liu Yuan) and the Lion Grove (Shi Zi Lin), which are The Four Suzhou's most famous gardens. The Blue Wave pavilion is the oldest that exists. The Lion Grove was built in the Yuan dynasty. The garden to persist dates from the Ming dynasty. These gardens reach their great reputation not only for their large number, but also for their charming natural beauty and harmonious construction. These gardens will surely make your tours in Suzhou an unforgettable experience.

In addition, Suzhou has also stood out for its beautiful women. The city is dotted with lakes and ponds connected by a network of spider channels. And all the channels are lined with whitewashed houses with gray tile roofs. The natural views and the human landscape enhance each other, which is a great attraction for visitors who remain there.

There are many other highlights of Suzhou travel, such as Kunqu Opera, Suzhou embroidery.

In the fourteenth century, Suzhou had established itself as the nation's leading silk producer. The best known products are silk embroideries of the Suzhou (Suxiu) style and the silk fabrics Song (Songjin). The people of Suzhou also developed their own style of exquisite embroidery, which is praised as a "pearl of oriental art" for its beautiful designs, varied stitches, superb workmanship and elegant colors.

Suzhou has many local performances and operas, including Kun opera, Su opera and Wuge opera. Kun Opera is seen as one of the most splendid cultural creations of the Chinese people.

With its roots in the popular songs of the mid-fourteenth century, Kun Opera was refined over a period of almost 200 years to stand out prominently among all opera schools in China. In 2001, UNESCO included Kun as a "Masterpiece of oral and intangible cultural heritage." Kun Opera is an integral work of art that includes literature, music, dance, acting, costumes, makeup, accessories and decorations: that is, everything theatrical. Its cultural heritage value materializes in this broad scope, including its unique singing style. The theme of operas comes from a wide pool of resources, integrating all the refined acting techniques and melodies of songs and operas from the north and south of many dynasties.

As one of the most famous tourist cities in China, Suzhou has made a great improvement in its basic facilities and tourist functions. Suzhou can be accessed by plane, train and bus. The hotels with stars with good services and reasonable guest houses and hostels offer a variety of accommodations. Of course, tasting local delicacies should not be forgotten on your trip. You can find authentic Suzhou kitchens and snacks on Guan Qian Street, where delicious food and friendly service are memorable. When night falls, the city of Suzhou is calm and peaceful. You can enjoy it while having a cup of tea in any tea house.

Grand Canyon Touring – The Railway, Route 66, Outlaws & Cheese

A trip to the Grand Canyon is a must for everyone. The absolute magnificence of the canyon throat is not duplicated anywhere else in the world. There are many ways to visit: day trips from Las Vegas or Flagstaff, helicopter or car tours. But the best way is to make reservations aboard the Grand Canyon railway. It is an experience of the Old West and a wonderfully historical way to reach the Canyon. GCR offers numerous packages. One is sure to meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

The Old West City of Williams is located off I-40, two blocks north of historic Route 66. It is 60 miles south of the Grand Canyon. Williams is the head of the railroad for the Grand Canyon railroad. For added convenience, register at the Grand Canyon Railway Hotel. The rooms are comfortable and the public areas are authentic. Railway packages include dinner at Max & Thelma & # 39; s (check out the railroad that runs around the dining room over the doors). Return to the hotel to enjoy a drink in the & # 39; lounge & # 39 ;, also known as Spenser & # 39; s Lounge, with its hand-carved oak bar from the 19th century.

The next morning, after breakfast (also included), stroll through the & # 39; town square & # 39 ;. next to the depot for a wonderful & # 39; staging & # 39; before the train leaves. & # 39; Shots & # 39; are fired Some of the & # 39; bad guys & # 39; fall to the ground, avoiding the horse do, of course! The Marshall corners the outlaws and everyone goes to the train.

Book an upgrade to first class service (or better) for the trip to the Grand Canyon. The seats are luxurious and the amenities are well worth the additional cost. Try fresh cakes and drinks, railroad accessories. A singing cowboy entertains in each car while crossing the train.

The railroad began operating in 1901, when Arizona was still part of the territory of New Mexico. You are in good company aboard the GCR. Presidents Teddy Roosevelt, Howard Taft and Dwight Eisenhower, movie stars Clark Gable, Jimmy Durante and Doris Day, and millionaires like Bill Gates have ridden aboard the Grand Canyon Railway.

GCR tours can include a bus tour along the edge of the Canyon and a lunch before boarding the train for the return trip. Other packages include overnight stays in the Canyon. Or you can take advantage of the free shuttle service to explore on your own. Stand on the edge overlooking the canyon floor. Watch the donkeys descend the narrow path to the ranch below (if you wish to do this, schedule well in advance). You may see a canoeist in the distance of the Colorado River. Feel the winds as they follow the canyon. The explorers, the Native Americans, the miners and the settlers had the same experiences.

Enjoy complimentary drinks and snacks (try a Colorado Cooler) on the way back to Williams. Halfway back, a gang of outlaws crosses the desert to hold the train! While a Marshall chases them through the wagons, the outlaws divide their & # 39; loot & # 39 ;. (gold chocolate coins) with all the children on board!

Back in Williams, stroll along the main street (Route 66), marked only with a stop sign in the center, literally, of the intersection. There is an old bar called Pancho McGillicuddy & # 39; s, a tribute to the Irish and Mexicans who built the railroad. It is the oldest building in Williams. A cowboy who sings … a bucket of frozen shrimp, and the BEST (and hottest) With Cheese anywhere! A perfect night after a perfect day.

These two-day mini vacations are a perfect complement to a trip to Las Vegas or at the beginning of a week-long exploration of northern Arizona. It is a memory that hopes to be experienced.

5 great reasons to stay in Taupo for Easter school holidays

With Easter and school holidays just around the corner, it's time to book your family's escape to the stunning Lake Taupo district. Unlike many vacation destinations, Taupo offers incredible summer and winter activities to keep all family members entertained. Here are 5 excellent reasons to come and stay:

1. Ice skating! This incredible outdoor activity is usually limited to cities in the northern hemisphere such as London, Paris and New York. Now you can skate on an ice rink while watching the impressive Lake Taupo. Due to the great success during the summer, the ice rink will return for the Easter holidays.

2. Trout fishing! Taupo offers some of the best trout fishing in the world, and we are fortunate that this country is a very affordable activity for individuals and families. This activity can be a fun family day on a boat or a beautiful walk along one of the impressive rivers that flow into Lake Taupo. For younger children, the National Trout Center is a great place to visit. Here children can feed the trout in a pond, observe them in an underwater observation chamber and visit the new freshwater aquarium. There is an open day on April 11, where they have an audience for children in the pond!

3. Adventure! Start the day at Aratiatia rapids and watch the narrow gorge fill with turbulent water as the hydroelectric dam releases up to 90,000 liters per second. Thirty minutes later, when the doors are closed, you will see the turbulence recede and the current will return to a placid current. A scene from the new Hobbit movie was also filmed here. In the movie you will see dwarfs hidden in barrels floating through this exact current! After the rapids head to Huka Falls to see this amazing waterfall with its white waters. If you need a break along the way, visit the Honey Hive store where you can see the bees in a hive, try the honey ice cream and buy all the imaginable honey products. There is also a prawn park nearby that has prawn fishing ponds where you can have your own lunch.

4. Adrenaline! For thrill lovers, Taupo offers some amazing activities. You can start the day by jumping off a plane at 12,000 feet, and if that is not enough, you can continue with a 47-meter jump from a cliff attached to a bungy! If you like water, then the Huka Falls speedboat will surely delight you. In addition, on Easter weekend, Taupo Motorsport Park has its Independent Racing Classes. This annual event offers some of the best races and the greatest variety of classes you will see in any race circuit. This is also their final round for the season and everyone will try with all their might that inevitably leads to tingling races in the spine!

5. Relax. For moms and dads who need to relax on vacation, Taupo has two hot pool options for families. There is an indoor / outdoor hot water complex with slides, or a thermal pool option that also has a slide and a water park for children. Other relaxing activities include the Huka Falls River cruise, Taupo Lake cruises available on several boats and yachts, and the many fantastic cafés and restaurants that Taupo has to offer.

Book your accommodation at Motel for Taupo now and enjoy a vacation for the whole family!

How safe is Kenya? Practical safety tips for your African vacation

With an average of one million tourists arriving every year, tourism is Kenya's number one industry, and vital to the nation's economy. However, the "Dark Continent" has a reputation: life is cheap, violence is brutal and the capital of Kenya is commonly known as "Nairobbery." But how accurate is this image? What is the reality for ordinary tourists visiting the main safari destination in the world? This article examines the security situation in Kenya and suggests practical measures that you can take to stay safe during your visit.

Theft and robbery are the main threats for tourists while traveling in Kenya (or Africa in general). The average salary across the continent is approximately one dollar per day. So, even if you consider yourself the backpacker with less budget and less money, your western possessions are often irresistible to people struggling to feed their families. Often, theft is not malicious, but opportunistic. So, the easiest solution is not to provide the opportunity; Don't tempt people neglecting things. Ways to do this include:

· Do not wear jewelry (watches, necklaces, earrings that can be easily grasped)

· Be sure to verify your change and save all your money safely before leaving the bank, the exchange office or the store.

· If you like it, block it. Hotels often have safe deposit boxes to store your valuables. So, if you don't need it for the day, keep it safely.

Harassment is another safety concern, not necessarily because you are in physical danger, but rather because it can make you feel uncomfortable and nervous. There is a market for young Africans to sell themselves basically to older foreign women. The woman will fall in love with this charming, handsome and charismatic man and soon she will find herself paying the tuition fees, buying her a car or maybe even a ticket out of her life and an elite western lifestyle in the woman's home. country. Sometimes it ends well (I can be as romantic as the next person!), But more often it ends in heartbreak. The result is that single white women are often the object of unwanted male attention. Be polite, but firm. Tell him that he already has a husband (however, this does not necessarily deter him, since the rules on promiscuity and faithfulness are a bit different between cultures). Walking alone at night should definitely be avoided. Always go out with two or three other people and take a taxi at dusk.

Scams can be a problem, as locals appeal to the understanding hearts of well-meaning travelers. They can assume the role of political refugees and request money for their family or they can pretend to be students who collect contributions for their schools. The use of common sense is your main weapon against such tricks. If you're not sure if you believe it, you're probably right and your money is better in your pocket.

Violent crime can be avoided simply by complying with the aggressor's demands. Most Kenyans have no animosity towards foreigners, so violence would not be their first preference, they just need money. Most of the violence and hate is directed between the different tribes that share this nation, and that is where most of the brutal stories originate.

Finally, corruption is a problem with which everyone in the country (both locals and visitors) must fight every day, particularly the police. Kenyan cops are underpaid and, therefore, are very susceptible to corruption and crime, and extortion and bribery are not uncommon practices. It has been discovered that the traffic police are the most corrupt people in Kenya. The best way to avoid becoming a target of corruption is to be aware of the law and make sure you do nothing illegal. Some laws of Kenya that may be different from your country of origin include:

· Homosexual acts are illegal in Kenya.

· Penalties for drug offenses can be severe and include long prison sentences.

· Travelers cannot work in Kenya, even as volunteers, without a valid work permit. Criminals can be fined, jailed or deported.

· Destroying the Kenyan currency of any denomination is illegal.

· Smoking is prohibited in public places (even while walking on the street). Criminals caught smoking outside designated smoking areas face a substantial fine and / or jail for up to six months.

· It is illegal to take photographs of some official buildings. When in doubt, seek the advice of an official before taking photos.

· The distribution of religious material in public without a license is illegal.

There are also local customs to consider. By observing how the locals behave, you can easily fit in, but a custom that is not regularly fulfilled, and that often causes offense, is clothing. There are conservative standards of dress and behavior in Kenya, particularly in coastal and rural areas.

So is it safe to travel to Kenya? The Australian government's travel advisory says it must "act with extreme caution," but it can still go. And that is my conclusion too. With common sense, knowledge of their surroundings and some street intelligence, their visit to Kenya should be smooth. That is not a promise! There are no guarantees in this game. All I suggest is that not all visitors to Kenya encounter difficulties and there is a very good chance that they will have an incredible trip.

In my next article I will examine the security of Kenya in the light of the March 2013 elections and how tourism can affect next year. And don't forget to register with the embassy or high commission of your home country in Kenya for the duration of your visit. This means that if a disaster occurs, they will know that you are there and can help you. For Australians, http://www.smartraveller.gov.au is the website to register your trip.

Making sense of the villa market in Bali

The Villa de Bali market is a solid testimony of a free market economy, since entrepreneurship prevails here as competitive pressures drive style, quality and price. However, keep in mind that, as in all private companies, you have individuals who own, manage and rent villas that only seem to be good in their commercialization, since the quality of the villa may be lacking. Villas are often managed very similarly to how a hotel would, that is, a company that is well accustomed to the hotel industry. But remember that when a villa management company manages a villa, they should be more diligent than they would be if they managed a hotel, since the villas have many living areas and recreational facilities that are personal to the tourist, therefore, Committing is not an option.

Therefore, villa managers provide an appropriate level of service for their villas, this service is based on knowledge acquired within the service / hospitality industry. Individual owners often have no background in the service sector, they come from all walks of life, for example, they can be lawyers, real estate developers, merchants in general who have "complied", etc.

To complicate the market, more villas are rented through several agencies that handle hundreds of properties, keep in mind that there are several rental companies for unlicensed villas that operate here in Bali and do so from a brilliant website. There are a number of reasons why these companies should be avoided and I have explained this later in this article, for now and for your guidance:

1) Always check that your selected villa rental agency, which you have identified through its brilliant website, is a registered agency with a registration granted by "Pemerintah Kota Denpasar" (Government, area: Kota, Denpasar) and that have a "Dinas Perijinan" registration number, in addition to their registration identifying them as a "Jasa propriei" provider (authorized to provide holiday villas).

There are many hundreds of villa rental agencies in Bali that are prepared to rent properties to tourists, but only a few have the corresponding accreditation. Invariably, prices remain the same between the unlicensed operator and that of the licensed operator, so, for your peace of mind, make sure your vacation is well attended by the official representatives of the Bali tourism industry.

The representatives and the administration of the company actively pursue the representatives of the official agency, it is these agencies that have built a solid reputation, since their reputation generates "word of mouth" business. It is these licensed agents who spend time inspecting the properties and making sure they reach an appropriate standard. If any property does not meet its standard or if the owner or manager is not cooperating with the guest, it will be excluded from the agency's books. On the other hand, the unlicensed provider actively seeks these villas to seek the favor of private owners and management companies, the management companies distrust using unlicensed operators as invariably as the deficient property that the licensed agent removes from the list. or does. not in the market, they will find their way in the operator's books without a license.

2) Many Villas are privately owned and managed by the owner himself. While several owners and I would say that the majority are professionals, since they consider the needs of their market and the importance of a good reputation for their future sustainability, there are some, these are really limited in number, that only seek to obtain fast money of your villa and do not respond at all if a problem arises.

The market for rental of villas here in Bali is often "manic" since the demand for villas is very high since in general the holiday villas in Bali have a unique style, quality and a very receptive service. The villas usually have elegant designs, quality furniture. The villas have evolved and are built with Balinese traditions, such as an "outdoor lifestyle." Bali enjoys an excellent climate, so it allows the architect to design the villas according to their traditions and then combine those traditions with contemporary designs. Architects marry an "interior" lifestyle with an "exterior" life. It is this style, peculiar design and climate that forms the unique offer of villas in Bali, hence the great demand.

However, when demand is intense, developers move to the market and then build many villas for tourists to rent. Many of these developers, although they are good in development, see fast money in the rental market, they become villa managers. It is not rocket science to compare a developer business with that of the service industry and see that the two are mutually exclusive. Therefore, although there is no harm in a villa developer who rents their villas, it is better that they use a villa management company to take care of this market. For a professional approach, as many Villas are privately owned, the best informed owners then pass their villa to a Villa management company. The management company acts very similarly to how a hotel franchise would act, to the extent that they meet certain standards of cleanliness, appearance and service, their approach would flow through their properties. As these management companies manage many properties, this also gives them a critical mass, so that they can easily deal with the problems in case they arise, since they do not depend so much on the property owner. Its style and elegance are uniform in all its managed properties, such as a Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, etc.

For an example of a licensed operator, see & # 39; The Leading Villas of Bali & # 39; # http://www.theleadingvillasofbali.com

Visit Canberra with children

Canberra is a beautiful and elegant city with wide streets, dazzling gardens and a bustling CBD, but what many people do not realize is that it is a fantastic destination for a holiday with children. Book an accommodation in Canberra or Queanbeyan for a week or more and you will be surprised how easy it is to fill your days.

Cockington Green Gardens

This charming miniature city will delight any child (and most parents too). A meticulously designed mini world includes buildings, railways, landscaped gardens and even miniature children playing. Cockington Green is an award-winning tourist attraction and for good reason. Enjoy a meal at the magnificent Parsons Nose café, visit the Rose room and see the impressive collection of antique dolls or take a ride on the miniature steam train that surrounds the international exhibition.


Questacon, the National Science and Technology Center has to be one of the most educational, entertaining and fun ways to spend a family day. Children and adults alike will love interactive screens, live shows and fascinating movies. Experience a 5.6 Richter earthquake in the Earthquake House, ride the 360 ​​Swing and feel the effects of rotational physics and g-force on the whole body, try the free fall and experience a brief moment of weightlessness or freeze your shadow in front of A wall painted with phosphorescent paint. Questacon will make everyone be surprised by the wonders of science and challenge their thinking.

National zoo and aquarium – Canberra

Australia's only zoo and aquarium combined, the National Zoo & Aquarium is located just 5 minutes from the center of Canberra and houses a wide variety of native and exotic animals, as well as Australia's largest interior. Saltwater tank There are a variety of tours, animal encounters and caretaker talks throughout the day with special vacation sessions during school vacations. The aquarium is home to a variety of shark species, colorful reef fish and a magnificent Queensland grouper.

Parliament House

It may not be the best thing to do with very young children, but older children will be interested in a visit to the House of Parliament to see democracy in action. There is a free guide service and the rest days visitors can sit in the question time in the Senate. The minutes of the House of Representatives and the Senate can be seen from the Public Galleries in the Chambers if the Chambers are in session. A visit to the house of Parliament will give children valuable information on how the country is managed.

Australian War Memorial

The purpose of the War Memorial is to honor and commemorate the sacrifice of all Australians who have died in the war. The War Memorial is a museum and a sanctuary, as well as an extensive archive. Visitors describe it as an emotional experience and a place that all Australians should visit. There are regular free tours through the monument and lots of interesting information and stories to read along the way. Allow enough time to visit the Victoria Cross section to read the many moving stories. The War Memorial is a free attraction.

Canberra is a beautiful city with lots of parks and gardens, restaurants and coffee shops, and there is also a wide variety of accommodation in Canberra suitable for families. The adjacent accommodation of the city of Queanbeyan is also an option with many motels and family hotels at a good price. Canberra is a great city to visit with children, especially during the school holidays of Easter, mid-year or October, when the weather is not too hot.

Grand Canyon Lodge

The Grand Canyon Lodge is proudly published at Bright Angle Point, a promontory on the northern edge of the Grand Canyon, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona.

First opened in 1928, tragically in 1932 the main lodge was lost in the fire. After extensive reconstruction, the new Grand Canyon Lodge was reopened in 1937.

Mainly constructed of natural stone, Ponderosa pine logs and slab trunks lining. This rustic example of western architecture is found on several levels that are reduced with the natural fall of the edge of the canyon.

The interior continues with the western rustic theme, most of the walls are made of stone and / or logs. The main hostel contains a beautiful lobby, the dining room, a recreation room, an interesting western lounge, along with a glorious sun room. The furniture is comfortable and offers guests a place to relax and enjoy the magnificent views of the Grand Canyon National Park.

The Grand Canyon Lodge North, as some call it, consists of the main lodge and numerous cabins scattered around the shaded pines of the facility. These cabins are what most people book, although there are some hotel rooms available.

All cabins are near the edge of the canyon or within walking distance. There are three styles / sizes of cabins available, from spacious two-bedroom units with full bathrooms and front porches, to some small basic one-bedroom cabins with a 3/4 bath / shower only.

I have stayed both in a small unit and in one of the pioneer medium-sized cabins. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit both times. The small cabins are basic but comfortable. Anyway, we don't spend much time in the cabins, except to sleep. There is much to see and enjoy at the Grand Canyon Lodge, along the many scenic trails and panoramic areas.

We spend a lot of time in the main hostel enjoying the many fascinating levels and guest areas. Some are rustic decorated with wrought iron chandeliers, painting and Native American art. There is a massive fireplace large enough for an adult to stand. Throughout the buildings, on many levels, you will find a variety of porches, open terraces and observation platforms that will provide a panorama of spectacular views of the canyon.

We take most of our meals at the main hostel. The dining room is spacious and memorable with huge windows that allow you to enjoy the beautiful views of the canyon while dining. The kitchen selection is well prepared and the atmosphere is relaxed. The western lounge offers a unique place for guests to meet and relax or just have a snack after a day of hiking on the scenic trails.

The nights here are wonderful, you can find a group of guests on a terrace with telescopes looking at the stars. But for me, sunrise and sunsets are the most special of the Grand Canyon National Park, the colors cannot be described.

If you want to enjoy the Grand Canyon National Park without all the traffic and crowds that congregate in the South Rim. Make reservations to visit Grand Canyon Lodge in North Rim, take the time and enjoy the panoramic tour of the beautiful canyon to this remote and peaceful piece of paradise that few travelers know how to visit.

The Grand Canyon Lodge's accommodation consists of hotel rooms, western cabins, pioneer cabins and border cabins.

Hotel rooms: they offer a queen size bed with private bathroom. The rooms are rustic but comfortable.
Western cabins: they are spacious with two queen size beds, full bathroom and a front porch. Most sleep 4 comfortably. They come in standard view and edge view.

Pioneer cabins: they have two rooms with a 3/4 bath / shower only. One room has a double bed and a single bed. The second bedroom has two single beds, cabins for 5 people comfortably. They come in standard view and edge view.

Border cabins: they are a bit more rustic with a double bed and a single bed with a 3/4 bath / shower only, capacity for 3 max.

A limited number of accessible cabins are available for people with disabilities.

4-Western Cabins: standard and tire views. and 2 border booths have limited access to ADA. Standard view only.

This isolated refuge of the national park is open seasonally from mid-May to mid-October.

"Reservations" must be made early for the best selection of rooms, up to a year is the best … to make reservations call Forever Resorts # 877-386-4383