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Korean cryptographic platform ICONLOOP has been busy despite a long break in altcoin activity. The latest development of the project is a blockchain-based identity authentication service.

ICON keeps the cryptographic news
Many encryption projects have fallen away, as the prolongation of winter keeps the price of tokens on the floor. Some, however, ignored market issues and switched to their projects. ICONLOOP from South Korea is one of the blockchain startups that continues to innovate, and its latest offering is a blockchain-based identity verification service.

The system uses a decentralized identifier protocol (DID) in the ICON blockchain. Users can store their personally identifiable information in the DPASS program and access several related services without having to verify their identity.


Modern systems of identity verification are often difficult for those who lack technical thinking. Many are subject to abuse by third parties who attempt to steal their personal identity for profit. The DPASS system was designed to prevent users from managing their personal data.

As an additional layer of security, DPASS works with a blockchain-based certificate-issuing service developed by ICONLOOP called “the underworld”. This allows them to keep security certificates that are immune from fraud and counterfeiting. The platform is designed to work with more online and offline services that require these advanced layers of security.

The best romantic places to visit in Latvia

Latvia, one of the most incredible places in the former USSR, is the preferred place for true lovers. After the fall of the Berlin wall, tourists from all over the world love to discover Eastern Europe, as it is very convenient to get there. Cities like Prague, Budapest and many others have always been the most desired destination by millions. Riga, the capital of Latvia, is another romantic favorite place in Europe. As soon as Latvia welcomed the world by opening its borders to the world, people discovered the truly romantic paradise that exists. The charming climate, the warm and hospitable people and the incredible beauty of this country have always brought a dramatic effect in different parts of the world.

There are many romantic places out there where you can spend your holidays with your partner. Riga, Prague, Budapest and many other cities have attracted visitors from all over the world who have really felt the glamor of romance. The romantic climate and the pleasant atmosphere take you and your lover to a completely wonderful world of romance. You don't realize how morning became late and how days simply turned into nights. The architectural monuments that represent nineteenth-century art nouveau give you extreme joy in exploring this attractive nation. The lasting and impressive beauty of this country is an ideal place for lovers to enjoy here. Cities like Vilnius and Kaunas are equally worth visiting. The spirit and pleasure of Latvians can be clearly seen, as there are numerous nightclubs, bars, restaurants and pubs that brighten up the nightlife. The night is equally beautiful and interesting as the day.

Riga is considered to be the true jewel of the Baltic, where visitors really enjoy themselves. In addition, the low cost of living and cheap hotels in the most attractive place in Latvia is another main feature that attracts thousands of visitors to this country. The only main cost is your flight to this wonderful country, while living, traveling to places in Latvia and eating, everything is quite affordable. You really get the true value of your money. It is worth spending on your trip to this highly affordable country, Latvia. It is truly an undiscovered paradise on earth. Come and explore this truly amazing country of the world and experience the romantic feeling with your loved one you always wanted.

And if you want to send flowers to your lover in Latvia, you will be surprised to realize that there are numerous florists online who can deliver the most beautiful flowers in their hands. Latvia is also known for its natural beauty and the colorful flowers make Latvia complete in all aspects. There is nothing prettier than flowers, so you can influence your beloved by sending the most beautiful bouquet of flowers presented on these websites online. Or you can select your favorite flowers and organize a bouquet according to your choice. Give your special the most beautiful and fresh flowers in the world.

Welcome to Cairo

As the capital of Egypt, its distinctive character is based on history that goes back thousands of years. This amazing city is full of life and its living personality is its own. With streets full of people and uninterrupted activity, Cairo offers both a modern environment and a uniqueness in which the city was built. Covering the banks of the Nile River, you will not find a more colorful place than Cairo. There is much to do in Cairo. It is a wonderful city that adapts to almost all lifestyles.

Upon arrival, newcomers find that Cairo is an exciting city full of energy, color and adventure. They also enjoy the immediate and open friendship of the locals. The official language in Cairo is Arabic. However, English and French are widely spoken. For visitors who are not familiar with Arabic or French, it will be easier to adapt to the culture if they take the initiative to learn some of the common phrases.

There are some things to remember to avoid offending the other residents of this city. Pointing and using the index finger, showing the bottom of the feet, using the "thumbs up" sign, gesturing with the left hand (which is considered impure), taking photographs without permission is considered offensive and should be avoided. It is illegal to photograph bridges, railway stations, anything military, airports and other public works.

Tipping (called "baksheesh" in Egypt) is a common practice for most services, regardless of how inconsequential it is. In hotels and restaurants, a service charge of approximately 12% is added to the bill, but an additional 5% is used. Taxi fares often include a tip, but if the driver has provided an especially good service, 10% is expected. Modest tips for goalkeepers and buttons are also expected. Many people rely on tips to supplement their income and it is part of the culture of Cairo, so it is important to be aware of the practice and remember to bring small changes.

People who like dry weather will like Cairo. Cairo experiences dry weather throughout the year. Winter, spring and autumn are temperate times of the year. However, in April it is very hot and there are sandy desert winds "Khamsin" (hot and violent winds), followed by scorching summers. The average summer temperature is 98 ° F (37 ° C) and the average summer temperature is 47 ° F (8 ° C). Most buildings and houses have air conditioning.

Cairo is as old as history itself, but it also shows a modern flare. Its uniqueness is inexplicable until it is seen with monuments dating from four different historical periods: the Pharaonic, the Roman, the Christian and the Islamic. People who enjoy history will love Cairo!

To enter Egypt, citizens of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Europe, Japan and the United States must provide a valid passport for at least six months beyond the expected length of stay, a visa and a one-way ticket and return. necessary. Citizens of Bahrain, Djibouti, Guinea, Libya, Mauritania, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, United Arab Emirates and Yemen do not need a visa for visits of up to 90 days.

All other citizens of countries not mentioned above must provide a passport valid for at least six months beyond the expected length of stay, a visa and a round trip ticket.

All visitors must register within seven days of arrival. This can be done in most hotels, at any police station or in the Mugamma building in Cairo's Tahrir Square, where they are very well prepared to deal with foreign tourists. Each visitor must bring a passport with them when they register. These requirements are always subject to change, so it is recommended to check with the embassy or consulate of the visitor's country of origin.

There are two types of visas available. A tourist visa is generally valid for a period not exceeding three months and is granted in the form of a single or multiple entry. A business visa is required for any foreigner arriving in Egypt for purposes other than tourism, for example, work, study, etc. Possession of a valid entry visa is required to complete the residency procedure in Egypt.

The final spouses can work in Cairo, provided that all immigration steps and Visa processes are followed. To obtain an Egyptian driver's license, visitors must show proof that they are at least 18 years old, provide a certificate from an Egyptian ophthalmologist and / or doctor to verify blood type, visual and physical health, provide the Department of Traffic in Attaba Square in Cairo, or in Giza, with all certificates, a valid driver's license from the country of origin, as well as two photographs, a completed LE 55 form and the successful completion of a verbal test and one of highway. All vehicles must carry a fire extinguisher and a red danger triangle.

The entry into the country of alcohol, weapons of any kind, drugs, fireworks or explosives, pornographic material, any type of telephone, seeds, gold or silver (except dishes) is prohibited. All animals must have a veterinary certificate stating that they are in good health and that they are up to date on all their vaccines, including rabies. The plants are managed on a case-by-case basis, analyzed by type of plant and quantity.

The currency in Egypt is the abbreviated Pound (EGP) E £. In Arabic, the pound is called guineh. The pound is divided into 100 piasters, and each piastra in 10 thousandths. Invoices are available in denominations of E £ 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100, and 25 and 50 piasters. Coins are available in denominations of 5, 10 and 25 piasters. The best way to change currency is in banks and hotels. In addition, for your convenience, private exchange agencies are located in various areas of downtown and in the suburbs.

Cash is the preferred payment method for daily purchases, such as groceries, but credit cards are slowly becoming a popular way to pay for items in hotels, restaurants, and tourist-type stores. You can also use traveler's checks that can be exchanged at most banks and accepted as a form of payment in many shops, hotels and restaurants. While in Egypt, one should always carry a small amount of cash, but keep in mind that pickpockets in public places.

When it comes to opening a bank account, each bank has different requirements. Most banks offer services in English, Arabic and French, and many banks can serve clients in many different languages. Having a colleague, friend or Crown representative, recommending a bank is suggested before scheduling an appointment and meeting with a bank consultant. ATMs are available 24 hours a day at various locations throughout Cairo. It is useful to know that there is a shortage of small changes in Egypt, so requesting small denominations while banking will be useful.

When looking for a place to live, some important factors to consider are safety, location preference, individual proximity to school work, etc., and in Cairo, traffic is an important issue to consider. There are many nice places to live in Cairo. The city center is more lively with the many tourists and a variety of restaurants and shops to choose from. Most expatriates tend to rent a house, which generally requires a three-month rental deposit in advance, along with a deposit equivalent to two months of rent. Generally, public services and connection charges are not included in the rental price.

As with most cities, some areas are safer and desirable than others. This is usually evident in the cost of accommodation. It is recommended to check local police reports before deciding on an area to live. These reports provide objective information about the types of crimes and how often they occur and should be used to decide in which neighborhood to live.

Expats who move to Cairo tend to enroll their children in international (private) schools. Some schools in Cairo that are worth considering are the New Cairo British International School, The Modern English School, Maadi British International School, Schutz American School, American International School in Egypt, International School of Choueifat and Cairo American College.

There is also a wide range of preschoolers in Cairo. Most international and preschool schools have limited spaces available and have long waiting lists. It is important to begin the application process as soon as possible. Transportation to and from school will vary widely, depending on the location of the school and home. Most independent schools have their own bus systems and some parents choose to drive or take younger children to school. The school year in Cairo generally begins in September and ends sometime in June.

Vaccines are not required, but all travelers arriving in Egypt should be up to date with vaccines against tetanus, diphtheria, measles, mumps, rubella, polio and chickenpox. And, it is important to bring all medical certificates / records from the country of origin. It is also recommended that visitors carefully check any other specific vaccination requirement with their consulate or local embassy in Egypt to confirm medical requirements.

Medical facilities in Cairo are suitable for non-emergency matters, but emergency and intensive care facilities are limited. In general, most expatriates choose to leave the country if they incur a serious medical problem. Or, for regular checkups, wait until they return to their home country and see their regular doctor. However, there are many trained medical professionals in the West throughout Egypt and at the United States Embassy in Cairo that can provide a list of local hospitals and English-speaking doctors. However, keep in mind that medical facilities outside of Cairo, Alexandria and Sharm El Sheikh do not meet US standards.

Most insurance companies will provide a list of doctors and specialists in each area. Another alternative that is often useful is to ask a colleague or friend for a referral. The common telephone numbers used for emergencies are: Police – 122; Ambulance – 123 and Fire Department – 125. If an emergency occurs in the middle of the night, one can call one of the numbers mentioned above and wait for an ambulance, or go with a family member to the nearest main hospital.

In Arabic, the name of Pharmacy is Saydaliyya. Pharmacies are located throughout the city and many are open 24 hours. In addition to selling medications, pharmacies also sell perfumes and cosmetics during normal business hours. It is not recommended to drink tap water. It is better to drink bottled water or boiled water and avoid eating raw vegetables.

In Cairo, people drive on the left side of the road. Unless someone is used to driving through Cairo, it is highly recommended that you choose to take a taxi or subway service instead of driving. The roads in Cairo are always crowded and during peak hours, many people drive aggressively. Parking is also very difficult. Egypt has one of the largest incidences of road deaths for miles traveled in the world. Driving in Cairo is a great challenge even for experienced residents. It is recommended that newcomers and visitors do not drive.

Taxis are a very efficient way to get around the city, but the price must be "negotiated" with the driver. The subway is a breath of fresh air in the great confusion of the city. The signs are in English and Arabic, and ticket purchases and route stops are simple. The first car of each train is reserved for women, but women can travel in any car. Only the north-south route is complete and the addresses are named by the last stop of the route. The Marg travels to the north and Helwan travels to the south.

The most popular grocery stores among expats in Cairo are: The Metro Market, Carrefour and Spinneysand Alfa Market. Although their prices are a bit more expensive, the Metro Market is typically the grocery store that most expats choose when they first move to Cairo. It is configured very similarly to what is found in the United States. The stores are very clean and organized; They have a deli that serves hot and cold meals, a good meat market and a wonderful selection of bread. And they have items imported from abroad. For starters, it is a good grocery store because they have prices in Arabic and English. In addition, most stores accept credit cards and ATM cards.

The only thing it can take a while to get used to is that there is no one-stop shop. There are no stores in Cairo that have everything under one roof, so it will be necessary to buy in several different stores to meet all your needs.

There are several newcomer groups that expats can join and there are all kinds of volunteer work available. In addition, some cultures have established support groups. Joining local clubs or volunteering are excellent ways to meet people and make new friends. Families will often network through their children's schools, participating in sports, fundraisers and other activities. Single professionals often socialize in bars and pubs after business hours. There are also several associations of reputable singles networks that organize night and weekend activities, such as dinners in restaurants, sightseeing and tours.

Cairo is not the most equipped place to raise babies or young children, but people manage. There are some nice parks for parents to take their children and most shopping centers also have playgrounds. Finding a reliable child care provider or babysitter usually depends on the area. Neighbors and colleagues are excellent resources for recommendations. Cairo is a safe environment for children, but children should always be accompanied and supervised by an adult and should never talk to strangers.

Some fun and fun places that children love to go to in Cairo are: Dream Park, Fagnoon Park, Aqua Par, Citi Stars, Giza Pyramids and Cairo Tower. Most schools offer extracurricular activities, such as competitive sports teams and various special interest clubs. They also like to go to the movies, games and games with friends. And they like to hang out with their friends in the homes of others. Being a teenager in Cairo is similar to other places. As mentioned earlier, they love spending time with their friends and doing fun things.

Your vacation in Barbados: five things to do and five things not to do

An Englishman is on a plane approaching Barbados; He goes for his annual vacation to the paradise island. When the plane approaches the island, the Englishman looks out the window. And he sees, gleaming in the clear water of the Caribbean Sea surrounding Barbados, the wedding ring he had lost last year.

It is an urban myth, but who knows? The sea around Barbados is amazingly and brilliantly clear. You will see it for yourself when you visit it. And when you do, pay attention to these do and not do:

Do not haggle Fighting for the price is not part of the Barbadian culture. Pay the price that the seller asks or does not buy. Also, ask the price of a taxi ride. prior to get in a taxi, then accept the price or take the bus.

Do not drive on the right side of the road We drive like the Bits: on the left. This means that the steering wheel is on the right side and, if you have a manual transmission, you will operate it with your left hand. It is a bit like an exercise of hitting the head, rubbing the stomach until you get used to it.

Do not go to the beaches at night This applies to any beach anywhere in the world. Barbados & # 39; The crime rate is low, but use common sense.

Don't drink too much rum Rum is a religion in Barbados; In fact, it is believed that Barbados is the place where rum was first developed. The problem is that rum falls easily, especially in the ubiquitous island drink, the rum punch. So, while enjoying your libation, remember that there are Ron in that blow

Do not stay inside your hotel if it rains Even during Barbados & # 39; rainy season in the fall, the island rarely receives torrential rains. And he hasn't seen a hurricane since 1955. Therefore, his chances of having a glorious climate are overwhelming. However, if it rains, plan indoor activities, such as visiting George Washington's house (yes, George Washington lived in Barbados for a short time) or taking a tour of the Mount Gay rum factory.

Eat flying fish Flying fish are for Barbados what salmon is for Alaska. You will find fried, grilled flying fish, prepared with a Creole sauce and placed in sandwiches (called "cutters"). Be sure to go to Oistins, on the south coast, on Friday nights: freshly caught flying fish are cooked on the beach, music is heard and parents and children have fun.

Take a catamaran cruise This is the best way to experience the Caribbean Sea, see the famous platinum coast of Barbados and swim with our soft giant sea turtles.

Nothing! But know where you can and where you can't. Immerse yourself in the sea anywhere on the west coast of Barbados, where the Caribbean Sea calls with clear, smooth water. Much of the south coast also offers wonderful swimming. Do no swim along the east coast of the island, where the Atlantic Ocean beats.

Sponsor street vendors in St. Pete Lawrence Gap Sellers are friendly and relaxed, but they take their work seriously; Many have been selling along St. Lawrence Gap for a decade or more.

Bring your family Barbados is not only for honeymoon couples, although we have many lovers. The island is also a fantastic place for family vacations, with a calm sea that has no sharks or stinging sea creatures and many land activities. In fact, be sure to take the Island Safari with four-wheel drive: kids love it! Children of all ages, that is …

Cancun – Mayan Pyramids and Caribbean Islands

Cancun was created in the 1970s as a specifically designed vacation destination. Sitting at the eastern end of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, Cancun offers a fantastic holiday atmosphere with miles of yellow sand beaches and a virtual guarantee of good sunny weather. A visitor could easily spend all their time relaxing on the shore or trying the hectic nightlife without paying attention to the massive cultural and ecological credentials of this area, some of which are literally at the door of the hotel.

But stay still and avoid seeing some of the most important World Heritage sites, or the beautiful nearby Caribbean islands would really be lost. It is not that an exploration of nearby islands or local ruins should be expensive! The ferry to Isla Mujeres costs about $ 5.00 and a visit to the local ruins of El Meco (which includes a smaller Mayan pyramid) would cost around $ 10.00 for the taxi and about $ 2.00 to enter.

Of course, the famous ruined cities of Chichen Itza, Coba and Tulum cost a little more. They are about an hour or so by coach, but the trip is easy. Usually, these visits include a guide, a traditional meal and, if you're lucky, swim in a sunken Mayan sacred lake called Cenote. However, even these visits will hardly break the bank with total costs ranging from $ 50 to $ 100. For me, this is a really good value. Just compare it to what this would usually buy you on vacation in other parts of the world!

Chichen Itza is, of course, the most famous of the ancient Mayan cities with its magnificent pyramid of the god Kukulcan. The Pyramid of Kukulcán is now officially classified as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World along with the Taj Mahal, the Great Wall of China, the Colosseum, the Brazilian statue of Christ the Redeemer, Machu Pichu in Peru and Petra in Jordan. But don't think that the Pyramid of Kukulcán is the only impressive building in Chichen Itza. In fact, all Chichen Itza is classified as a World Heritage Site.

Chichén Itzá's acoustics always surprise new visitors. Very intelligent people designed this place and left temptingly subtle features that even today make this long dead ruin come alive.

Try this:
Stand under the steps of the Pyramid of Kukulcan and applaud. You will not get a normal echo. Instead, you get a multiple set of echoes that resemble the call of the sacred bird Quetzl. Now stand halfway between the Kukulcan Pyramid and the Temple of the Warriors and applaud. If you are lucky, you will hear the call of the Quetzl bird followed by the noise of a rattlesnake. The sound of the rattlesnake is really the multiple echo of the steps of the Temple of the Warriors.

The lucky few who can arrive here at sunrise or sunset at the spring or autumn equinox will also see stunning visual effects. The rising or setting sun casts a shadow that looks like a feathered serpent, or the shadow of the snake god Kukulcan. As the sun changes position, so does the shadow, giving life to the illusion as it apparently descends down the parapet of the Pyramid.

We must remember that, as impressive as these characteristics are, this is essentially the skeleton of a city that was once vibrant. At its peak, with the stuccoed and decorated buildings, the effects would have been even more dramatic. I do not know of other ancient sites in the world that so dramatically demonstrate their cultural genius.

It's not as if Chichen Itza was the only impressive abandoned city near Cancun. For a similar price you can buy a tour of Coba. Coba is possibly a more "hard core" cultural experience. Coba has been discovered recently and is still under intensive archaeological study. It also has the highest pyramid in the Yucatan Peninsula. Because people who visit Coba tend to be more aware of the cultural significance of these ruins, visitors are allowed virtually unlimited access to a large area of ​​the site. Climbing the huge Nohoch-Mul Pyramid has to be one of the highlights of anyone's visit. Another beautiful site, located at the edge of the sea, is the ancient Mayan port of Tulum. Tulum, like Chichen Itza and Coba, is easily accessible from Cancun by bus.

A different method of transportation is needed to visit the Ixcha Temple on Isla Mujeres, but fortunately reliable ferries cross a couple of miles between Cancun and the main city. The temple of Ixcha suffered serious damage in a hurricane in the 1980s, but it is still on the dramatic outcrop of limestone that is the easternmost point of Mexico.

Isla Mujeres also offers a beautiful northern beach and a very relaxed lifestyle for those who are lucky enough to stay on the island. Taxis and buses are cheap, both here and in Cancun, but on the island many choose to rent a golf cart and go explore the island.

Finally, no trip to Cancun could be completed with a visit to the great Mesoamerican Reef. Only second in size to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, the Mesoamerican Reef offers visitors fantastic opportunities to dive and get very close to the local wildlife. Some of the snorkeling tour operators will also take their guests to the beautiful virgin Island of Contoy. This small island has no inhabitants, except for a myriad of wildlife that includes more than 4000 frigates. Few people will arrive on this island. Access is strictly controlled and only a few companies are allowed access, so choose your snorkeling tour company carefully.

The Mayan era spanned several thousand years, but vanished in the fourteenth century. The arrival of the Spaniards in the 16th century sounded the final death sentence for this sophisticated and intelligent civilization. Much of Mayan history is shrouded in mystery. Unfortunately, much of this mystery is due to a single act of cultural vandalism that occurred on a night in July 1563 when Spanish priests burned almost all written records of the Maya. A great deal of time and effort has been devoted to deciphering the few remaining texts and massive stelae (stone slabs) that contain details of Mayan culture, but much has been lost, possibly forever.

Whatever the thoughtless cultural barbarism of the past, the Mayan genius has still left us with some of the most important and sophisticated ancient ruins in the world. It is wonderful that today, anyone can access this cultural heritage while still having enough time to tan.

Cancun is a very good place to spend a vacation. If you go there, make sure you enjoy the cultural heritage and the beach.

Facts about Shillong

Shillong, the capital of the state of Meghalaya, is a mountainous city that is located on the northeast side of India. This mountain station is located at an altitude of 1496 meters above sea level. History tells us that Shillong was the capital of Assam before the separate state of Meghalaya was formed in 1974. It is a central headquarters of the fascinating East Khasi Hills district and also one of the most popular mountain stations in the northeast. The picturesque natural environment covered with mists only breaks with the sunny days that take it out of your hotel room to allow you to enjoy lovely moments outdoors.

Shillong has a very cool climate throughout the year. The summer months, from March to June, have a maximum temperature of 24 ° C and a minimum temperature of 15 ° C. The winters in Shillong are between November and February and are very cold, with a minimum temperature that drops. as 2 ° C. The best thing about Shillong is its snowy peaks during winters that make it look like a beautiful painting. The monsoon months from June to September experience heavy rains and very strong winds. The best time to visit Shillong would be in the month of May, when the weather is not too cold or warm.

If you are looking to reach Shillong by air, the closest airport to which you would have to touch the base is Guwahati. You can continue your trip to Shillong from Guwahati, either in a bus or in a private rental taxi. The difference over Shillong from the other hill stations is that you can opt for a helicopter trip between Guwahati and Shillong. Guwahati is also the nearest train station where you would have to get off to go to Shillong. Shillong is very well connected by luxury and semi-luxury buses that offer frequent services to nearby towns and cities.

The first place that comes to mind when talking about Shiilong is Cherrapunjee, the wettest place in all of India that receives the most rain. Cherrapunjee is located 60 kms from Shillong and is connected by regular bus services from Shillong that take visitors from here to there.

You can also spend the night in any of the hotels available in Cherrapunjee in case you want to experience its scenic beauty for more than a few hours.

Argentina Tourist Attraction – Spectacular Sites

Lebanon is officially called ad the Republic of Lebanon. It is a country that is located in western Asia on the eastern side of the Mediterranean Sea. This country is preserved with a rich history, culture, religious and ethnic diversity. So, if you are planning a vacation, tourism in Lebanon is definitely the one you are looking for.

Beruit is the capital of Lebanon. There are many things offered in Lebanon that you cannot find in another region. The tourism of Lebanon has qualitative service, nightlife, kitchens, beaches, religious places, snow and many more precious things. It is a beautiful place where one can go on vacation and explore tourism in Lebanon. The official language to be spoken is Arabic, French and English. Here you can find countless archeological and historical sites that give the country a rich look when you enter.

Many sites await you in the main cities, including the sites of Beirut, in Anjar, the famous Bekaa Valley, in Baalbeck, the Bekaa Valley is known as the UNESCO world cultural heritage site, Beiteddine preserves the most jewel monument It is Mount Lebanon-shouf, Keserwan in Byblos (Jbeil), the Qadisa valley contains the sacred valley and many more historical sites and monuments are present while exploring tourism in Lebanon. There are several transports available from rental cars, bus services and much more to reach this destination. If you want to stay here for more days, then there are many hotels and resorts available to accommodate in an affordable one and you can also dine at the best restaurants.

Many of them have roamed Spain several times, but many of them do not know the facts about Spain. You can choose Spain as your holiday destination and have fun with your family, friends and loved ones. But before planning for Spain one must know all the facts about Spain. The official name of Spain is the Kingdom of Spain and its capital is Madrid. It is the second largest country in Europe after France. The average altitude of Spain is about 600 meters, which makes it the second highest country after Switzerland. The three largest major cities in Spain are Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia. It ranks third among all countries for the best visited place in the world. The facts about Spain even say that there are almost 17 regions and that the economy of Spain is classified in the eight places with a Gross Domestic Product. The language used here by people is Spanish, Valencian, Catalan and Galician. There are several tourist places where you can explore. The most important facts about Spain that very few know is that on the beaches of Spain you can walk and enjoy nudism in Spain that is legally accepted. Even the same sex can marry each other, which is not allowed in other countries but legally accepted in Spain.

Argentina is the land with the assets of natural beauty and landscapes. The Argentine tourist attraction seeks the attention of many of the travelers who visit this place. It is rich in cultural heritage and known as the best destinations in South America. Argentina is the country that is also the gateway to the most beautiful places in the world. It is blessed with beautiful beauties, unique destinations in the highest and lowest points of South America. If you travel by plane, car or bus to Argentina, you have to go down to Buenos Aires, which is the capital of this country. The cities in this country are classified as Cordoba is the second largest city, Rosario the third largest city and Mendoza the fourth largest city.

All these larger cities are not only tourist attractions in Argentina, but there are also many more. Tourism in Argentina is spectacular with the Iguazu Falls, the most popular to experience tons of water on the cliffs and is also the gateway to Argentina. Buenos Aires is the place where you can find Spanish architectures and cultures. It is worth experiencing the nightlife here. Córdoba is the largest country and retains a colonial architecture.

Pampas is known for wildlife. You can see flamingos in large quantities in the large salt lakes and gaucho jeans that live in the style of old cowboys. The list is not over yet, there are many more places known as the tourist attraction of Argentina, such as Tiera del Fuego, Patagonia, Maendoza, Talampaya, Peninsula Valdez, Puerto Madryn. One can accommodate here with the big hotels and resorts if one plans to extend the days of his vacation.

Family vacations in Brazil

Brazil is a great destination for families, especially with older children who love their action adventures, whether on land or at sea. It is a vast country with many different microclimates, so there is always a destination for any time of the year.

Athletes will love the fact that Brazilians in general love being active. In Rio, do what the Cariocas do and travel along the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema, stopping at a juice bar to taste exotic fruits from Acerola to Acai! Try a footvolley lesson on the beach before heading to a classic river lunch tradition, a barbecue all you can eat, children will love the red and green signs of stopping and going! Brazil, of course, is crazy about football, and football fans can head to the famous Maracana stadium or even a soccer clinic at the Zico Soccer Center. If the beautiful game is not everyone's business, maybe a samba school class is just as fun!

While heading south, we can organize a surf school and spectacular whale watching trips from Florianopolis and exciting speedboat rides, as well as kayaking and rappelling at Iguazu Falls. Combine your family vacation in the southern half of Brazil with a trip to a unique and fascinating wildlife paradise. The Southern Pantanal offers some fantastic accommodations for families, where you can walk, ride, do 4×4 tours and boat trips through these incredible wetlands. Children will love the strange unique mammals of this region, from capybara to giant anteaters and hyacinth macaws. Stop on the way to your Pantanal Lodge in Bonito for a night or two for a fantastic floating river tour to swim among giant tropical fish while diving downstream and to swim in beautiful waterfalls.

Going north of Rio offers you the option of thousands of kilometers of deserted and dazzling beaches where you can discover sea turtle conservation projects, spend a few days buzzing along the coast or on giant sand dunes in jeep or try some exciting watersports. Jericoacoara is a great place to practice kitesurfing and offers a super relaxed rest on the beach away from the crowds. Moving inland from the beautiful coast and its boutique hotels and private villas ideal for family groups takes you to a vast expanse of dense rainforest, a bright world of flora and fauna along the Amazon River, in search of pink dolphins and piranha fishing.

Dien Bien Phu, a siege that changed the world

Dien Bien Phu, home to one of the greatest battles in history in which the Viet Minh defeated the French colonial forces, is slowly emerging as a historic place for tourists. Although an important site for Vietnamese, only recently has the city realized its importance to foreign travelers, especially those interested in history.

Dien Bien Phu has always been a quiet and peaceful place located northwest of Hanoi. The name designates a town of T & # 39; ai called Muong Thanh and really names an area instead of a specific place. The valley was once home to the villages of T & # 39; ai while the surrounding hills were populated with Meo Tribesmen. The Meo were growing poppy masters while the T & # 39; It is marketed.

When the Chinese Ho pirates began to invade Laos as they passed through the valley in the 1870s, French lawyer Auguste Pavie asked France to send troops to Dien Bien Phu to stop the raid. Pavie finally signed a peace agreement in Dien Bien Phu with leader Ho Deo Van Tri.

The valley remained at peace for the next fifty years. The French built provincial road 41 to link the valley with Hanoi. Another road, called the Pavie track, linked to the city of Lai Chau. The French began to control the opium trade.

During World War II, the Vichy French government allowed the Japanese, much more hated by the Vietnamese, to operate in Vietnam. The Vietnamese used the remote airstrips to help rescue and fly the downed Allied pilots. Two American pilots were rescued from Dien Bien Phu.

When France decided to re-occupy Vietnam, against the wishes of the United States that had helped train the Ho Chi Minh army to fight against the Japanese, war broke out and the French were expelled from the hills.

Depending on the season, the valley remains dusty or soaked and away from the usual destinations of visitors. A fine red powder prevails in the dry months. The dust becomes a sticky swamp during the monsoon season and the valley receives more rain than almost any other place in Vietnam. Except for a now reduced government hotel, visitors had few accommodation options. The hotel has always been clean and efficient, but it lacks many amenities foreigners expect. Because the government is slowly making the city more tourist-friendly, especially with the opening of the new five-star hotel Muong Thanh, a beautiful building that offers excellent food and a refreshing pool, visitors head to the site where Viet Minh, a fierce and determined peasant army, defeated one of the most modern armies in the world and freed the country from colonial rule.

In 1954, France's new military commander, General Hanri Navarre, decided on a bold plan to stop the growing power of the growing Vietnamese army of General Giap and Ho Chi Minh. His plan would fulfill several objectives: stop any invasion of Laos by the communist forces, stop the opium harvest that was being used to buy weapons for Giap forces and try to attract the Viet Minh to a great battle in an effort to finally defeat them He chose the Dien Bien Phu Valley to implement his plan.

General Giap and Ho Chi Minh realized that the time had come to crush the French and free their country from colonialism. The French, suffering from arrogance and pride, felt that they could defend the lowland of the valley from the highest mountains held by the Viet Minh and could receive an airfield they had built years before. They did not believe that the Vietnamese had the will or the means to stock up. Giap realized that the French were at the bottom of a bowl with the communists on the edge. With the help of hundreds of thousands of workers, he managed to supply his troops along an 800 km road system, while the French, after losing their airfield, died of starvation slowly in the valley.

Great feats of courage occurred on both sides during the battle. Small groups of French troops, often foreign legionaries and French paratroopers, constantly fought against overwhelming obstacles. Often, less than one hundred French soldiers defended several thousand Viet Minh. Viet Minh forces, suffering tremendous casualties, continued to charge against the power of vicious fire to achieve their objectives. With its superior numbers, uninterrupted supplies and pure determination, the Viet Minh gave the French one of their most humiliating defeats. The French realized that continuing to fight against such a determined people was unsuccessful.

The Dien Bien Phu valley is often beautiful in the morning and at night the light as peasants work in the countryside. It is home to several tribes and travelers are always attracted to the colorful dress and customs of the natives. The market, next to the Nam Yum River and at the end of a Bailey bridge built by French engineers before the battle, is full of life as vendors sell fresh fruits and vegetables. Ducks and chickens, with their legs tied together, protest silently as they lie next to bowls of swimming fish. Part of the market hides a monument to French colonel Piroth, the artillery commander who killed himself in his bunker after suffering depression and despair after underestimating Viet Minh's firepower.

Several French strengths, where most of the fighting occurred, are not well marked or preserved. Beatrice (Him Lam) and Gabrielle (Doc Lap) have markers, but not even the local population knows how to find them. A map with instructions and a brief description of the actions that took place there would be helpful.

Only by accident no tourists find a Viet Min gun position on a hill outside the city. Other positions, such as Eliane 2 (A-1 Hill) where much of the fiercest fighting took place, and Dominique 2, are well maintained. The barbed wire surrounds the A-1 hill and the sandbags, cast in concrete to keep them preserved, leave the visitor with the impression of the obstacles that the Viet Minh needed to overcome to take the position and also shows why so many soldiers lost during his attacks.

A wonderful stature looks from the top of Dominique 2, the highest position of the French held during the valley. From this great height all French positions can be seen including the headquarters bunker of the French commander Colonel de Castries.

Sitting on the top steps of the hill, the valley is calm today. Hanoi planes land quietly twice a day at the old French airfield. Motorcycles revolve around the roundabout on the old highway 4 while trucks and taxis cross the numerous bridges. It is difficult to imagine the great and significant siege that destroyed the landscape and the people of Vietnam and the French who would eventually become friends.

Ofir on the Costa Verde – Portugal Travel Guide

The quiet beach resort of Ofir is located about 35 km from Porto, on the Costa Verde (Costa Verde) of Portugal. The Costa Verde is located in the northwest of Portugal, where the vineyards that produce famous Portuguese wines such as Vinho Verde and Rose, rivers and beautiful green landscapes add virgin charm to the areas. The region not only has an excellent landscape to explore, but also offers a magnificent coastline with wide bays where visitors can relax on their last minute vacations in Portugal.

Ofir is one of the best beach resorts on the Costa Verde, which offers good hotels, a beautiful beach and wonderful landscapes. The complex is surrounded by pine forests and the beach is lined with sand dunes. The long and wide sandy beach is washed by the Atlantic and the warm waters are very popular with windsurfers. Other water sports offered at Ofir include snorkeling, surfing, sea kayaking, sailing and fishing. There are so many bays and secluded coves along the coast that are perfect for relaxing in the sun that you will have many options. A boat trip is a great way to see the spectacular coast of Costa Verde.

Although Ofir has some restaurants and bars, there is a wider option in Fao, which is only a couple of miles inland from the complex. Dating back to Roman times, Fao is located at the mouth of the Cavado River and is a great place for fishing and canoeing. Near the river bank is the old fishing village of Esposende, where you can take a walk and discover the picturesque squares of the city and the old historical buildings.

The best way to explore the Costa Verde is by car. The incredible landscape is calm and beautiful, with charming hillside villages, castles and churches waiting to be explored. Another way to explore the surroundings is by taking a guided tour by bicycle or horse. A trip to the Arcuentu volcanic mountain, where wild cats and deer roam, will give you breathtaking views from its summit and excellent photographic opportunities. Take a 30-minute trip from Ofir to Portugal's second largest city, Porto, for a day trip that you should not miss on your family vacation to Ofir. Famous for being the home of Port Wine, Porto is a historic city with excellent opportunities for sightseeing and shopping, restaurants, bars and a lot of nightlife along the city river. The gothic church of San Francisco and the Palacio da Bolsa are just two of Oprto's historic buildings that are worth a visit. An opportunity not to be missed is a guided tour of the wineries in Porto, which includes wine tasting sessions in the wineries.

Ofir enjoys hot summers but not as hot as southern Portugal. Temperatures average around 25 ° C during the summer with low humidity levels that make weather conditions very pleasant. June, July and August have 10 hours of sun a day with the waters of the Atlantic Ocean around 9 ° C. Even summer nights enjoy temperatures of 15 ° C, ideal for dining in restaurants and having a drink or two in the bars. Most of the rain falls during the months of spring, autumn and winter, when temperatures are around 15 ° C.

A sample of Tuscany

A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of cycling through Tuscany with a group of friends. We enjoy a guided tour of the wonderful countryside, small roads and many hills. In my opinion, Tuscany is the "great equalizer" to ride a bicycle, since there are practically no flat roads, whether it is going up or down. My husband was out at school, so he could not participate in this beautiful vacation.

At the moment we arrived at the beautiful bed and breakfast, located south of Florence, in the middle of a vineyard; I knew that my husband should visit Tuscany. Anyone who loves wine, history and the beautiful landscape should visit and fall in love with Tuscany in their life.

Recently, we left our temporary house in Provence for a week in Italy, a few days in Tuscany and a few days walking through the Cinque Terre. Our exploration of Tuscany was also from a hotel located in a vineyard. We stayed in the beautiful Borgo San Felice. The vineyard has been in operation for centuries, but in recent years it was purchased and is now operated by the Alliance.

Temperatures in early April were still cool. At this time of the year, the fields are just beginning to turn green and the twisted vines show their first shoots. These are the first promises for the future harvest.

So what is Tuscany about? Wine, history and countryside

Came It is a serious business in Italy, after France, Italians can boast of having the second largest production (by volume) worldwide. Italians also love to drink wine, with the highest per capita consumption in the world. The vines have been growing in Italy and parts of Europe for millennia, however, the organized organization began under the Greeks, with a viticulture registered in Sicily around 800 BC. In modern Italy, there is a classification system with four categories, two for table wine and two for "Quality wine produced in a specific region". The system from the low range to the superior quality is the following (similar to the US denomination system):

  • Da Tavola Wine (VdT)
  • Indicazione di Geografica Tipica (IGT)
  • Denomination of Controlled Origin (DOC)
  • Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin (DOCG)

There are twenty (20) wine regions in Italy, among which thirteen (13) areas produce thirty-six (36) of DOCG wines, these are the most sought after and typically more expensive wines. It is probably not necessary to say it, but we tried and bought some bottles during our brief visit.

the historical The roots in Tuscany are very deep. With only a couple of short days in the region, we were able to visit Sienna, Montepulicano and San Gimignano, and even that was at a dizzying pace. Sienna alone deserves a long visit; The historic center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The old town is not large and can easily be visited on foot. There is a very good bus system available from the peripheral parking areas. Parking in some lots is free and the bus costs one (1) euro.

In Sienna, each visitor should visit Piazza dell Campo, this large shell-shaped public space dates back to the 13th century and is where the Palio (horse race) is held on two summer dates each year. Il Campo is definitely one of the best preserved public squares in Europe. The other key site of interest is the Duomo (Cathedral), this impressive large-scale church of the 13th century is well preserved and the crowds of visitors are now controlled, since you must buy a combined ticket to get access to the buildings and the panoramic point of view. The ten (10) euro bill is worth it and seems to control the flow of crowds in one of the most visited cities in Italy. We had to wait about twenty minutes to access the panoramic viewpoint. I don't have much to wait in the ranks, however, I strongly recommend that your patience be rewarded with the stunning views.

Sienna is a city of symbols; at each step there is a plaque or tile that indicates the territories or districts of Contrada. There are seventeen Contrade today, before there were fifty-nine. The reality of the administration of mini cities has forced consolidation over the years. The remaining Contrade can participate in the Palio horse race around Piazza del Campo on July 2 and August 16 according to the rules. Although, we have not been to Sienna for the Palio, we understand from the locals that there is a wild environment surrounding the event and the associated celebrations.

Montepulicano and San Gimignano are very well preserved ancient cities. Montepulicano dates from 308 BC and requires a good pair of walking shoes to reach the top of the town. The breathtaking views of the Tuscan countryside will reward your hike to the top. San Gimignano is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city once had seventy-two (72) towers, where eight (8) remain today. There was an agreement on the current site between 200-300BC. The city reached its pinnacle around 1300 before the Black Death. The city is still beautiful, although a shadow of its former glory. However, San Gimignano is really crowded (even in April) with tourists and, as a result, almost unpleasant.

the countryside It is a series of hills, covered with pine forests, vineyards and endless olive trees. The sun in Tuscany plays in the undulating landscape to provide a wonderful and changing feast for the eyes.

In the end, a "Sample of Tuscany" was great to confirm that it takes much more time to enjoy the views, enjoy wine and local specialties.